KIDNAPPED!  I was minding my own business, walking with purpose to my car in the dark parking lot. Walking like “damn it, I’ll KILL YOU” as I took the long strides having legs up to THERE provide and closed the distance between myself and my car within minutes of stepping off the elevator. So, I was caught CUMpletely unaware when I felt the tug of my ponytail and the thrust of a knife. That cold steel definitely got my attention! He started groping my tits and slid the blade along my neck, popping the buttons of my silk blouse as he descended. I knew instinctively, I was about to be fucked the shit out of. My pussy and ass would becum this villains playthings. And yet, I knew there was more in store for me…SO MUCH MORE! I had been kidnapped! And held for sex!

I’m not sure how, but I ended up in the backseat of my own car and the hooded man followed me in. I was shoved face down and felt the brush burns along my thighs as my lace panties were torn from me. His hand, large enough to be a basketball player’s, found my throat and began to squeeze as he murmured the most vile sexual things in my ears…

“I will rip that tiny pink cunt in half, bitch!” Or,

“They’ll find your ass lashed to a tree deep in the woods with your asshole swollen like a baboon’s!

Oh! My all-time favorite, “I’ll fuck you BLIND and you’ll never even know who I am, WHORE!!!!!”

That last one rings in my ears today, was one that this mother fucker had no intention of letting me go…ever! He planned to keep me here, fucking sucking and committing me to all sorts of things I had previously SWORN I would never do. Hmmmm. Curious how we can manage to think there are STILL sexual things out there we won’t do. LOL  Never say never…again.

Inside the “cabin” at what must have been the center of the wooded thicket he’d tromped me through on the way…lay an entire TORTURE CAVE. A MAN’S CAVE, true…but this one was devised for torture!  On the wall facing me, after he removed the ball-gag and blindfold, was an array of what he kept calling delicacies…I called them scary as hell! He was already beginning to dribble his pre-cum as he stroked my now bare back. My pussy clenched, not so much against him, but because I was actually turned on! I knew he would pound me mercilessly, but watching him now, in that mask, with me tied, bound and gagged, his cock throbbing in his underwear, made me want to suck that fatty. I wanted to give my tormentor the blow job of his life.  I wanted to swallow his cum and be forced to lick his ass.  I wanted it ALL!

Best yet, I could honestly blame it all on my kidnapper…whoever he was, MADE ME DO IT ALL!  I fought to keep the spittle inside my mouth as I hungered for that fat cock inside every orifice I had…Oh! He was about to get the fucking surprise of a lifetime with THIS victim! Oh yeah! Lines were about to get blurred and by the end, we may not know for sure who took whom!  Giggle

HE started by beating me with his little whip and upon seeing it’s diminished effects on a girl like me, he let loose with everything he had…Have I mentioned…he HAS A LOT!? Oh my…He DOES.  But again, I digress…He beat me until I lost consciousness and awoke to him hoisting me by pulley system, which I have to admit, gave me a bit of a rush.  My pussy was now cumpletely bare and I had passion marks all along my body. My delightfully sick fuck of a captor had actually been sucking all over me whilst I was unaware. Hmmmm…this plot thickens!  Haha

I played along just long enough to gain his trust…The fool let me down and untied me! What?!?!?  I had my chance for escape and then…BOOM! Out of nowhere it hit me!  I had no desire to escape.  I had my tormentor tied thoroughly to his own torture chair! Sitting there, barely conscious and still wearing his hood.  I wanted to know who he was…didn’t I?  A thought rushed through me that perhaps I didn’t want to know.  Was it more titillating to have this brute forced upon me and never know who is was?

I reached instead to remove the hood.  While he was just recovering, it was lifted and to my utter shock…It was my man! Why? How?  I didn’t even care any longer…This was BY FAR the super sexiest thing he’s EVER done for us. He showed me that just when things seem to be falling off, you can ALWAYS BRING IT RIGHT BACK..He Kidnapped my ass! Haha

So, now that I’m back home…and he’s NOT.  bet you’re wondering what happened, right? Well, we are happily in love. I say we…but, I’m pretty much speaking for him while he’s all tied up!  And his ass IS tied up! 24/7 at my disposal and he just LOVES it! thank GOD he works for himself.  It would be a BITCH explaining his long, delicious absences. Would it not? Unless, he was kidnapped! Giggle

But, I’ll tell you everything you want to know about how I keep him secreted there in the woods…Just call me.  But, if I am forced to tell where this place is…eh…I’ll have to kill you. LOL



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