A sleeping girl can be.. sexy. 😉 And I have a friend who cannot seem to keep his hands off of me when he stays the night. Even if I just want him to watch movies! He can’t leave me alone if I’m sleeping.. So, here’s how it went down last night.


So, he came over to my house and I had a long day of taking calls. I wanted to relax and watch some TV and snuggle. I was ready to just be lazy. So, I grabbed my phone and texted my friend to come to watch a movie and snuggle. He said he would be there after he finished a mission on Skyrim.

As soon as he got there I was sleeping. I didn’t mean to fall asleep but I was so worn out! He walked into my room and saw I was sleeping. So, he snuck into my bed. I must have been sleeping hard because he started caressing my ass. I guess all I did was turn over. But, he started to pull my panties off and I was completely passed out!

He pulled my panties all the way off and licked my pussy. I didn’t wake up so he stuck a finger inside me.. I guess I giggled in my sleep! So, he decided to pull his pants down and stick his cock inside of me. He was going slow and steady but couldn’t take it anymore.

I was still sleeping but he wanted to take it faster.. He began to pound my wet sleeping cunt and I woke up finally! I was not surprised that he was fucking me. But surprised how hard I was sleeping. I was so horny and wet so I ripped my shirt off and grabbed onto him.

He made me cum all over my clean black sheets. I can’t wait to be woken up like that again.

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