I Know You Have a Sleep Fetish – But Do You Know I Have the Same Urges?

I know you watch me as I sleep. And I also know you have a dark desire to do nasty things to me as I lay there unconscious, indulging in your sleep fetish! I know this because I have this desire also. I have thought of many nasty erotic things that I would love to do to you as you lay there fast sleep before me – or better yet, in a state of sleep paralysis where you are conscious but can’t move; can’t fight.  Just experience all I will do to you.

Do you want to know what pleasure my thoughts of you have brought to me? Well then sit back, relax and enjoy the scene I paint for you. I will describe to you some of the things I secretly long to do to you as lay so vulnerable before me! And even though you would be vulnerable to me, we both know it wouldn’t be one of those forced sex stories.

Your naked body is spread out in front of me.

Your head is positioned upon the pillow so that you can watch me but are unable to move or speak.

I set the video camera to record

As I slowly undress in front of you

I straddle myself on top of you and rub my pussy against your face,

Leaving the scent of my sweet juices for you to enjoy

I pull myself back and sit on your stomach

My legs spread open wide

My pussy is wide open and in your view

Your penis rubbing against the swell of my back

I grab your hand and use it as my toy

Rubbing your fingers on my clit

Gyrating my sweet ass against you as I fuck your fingers

Taking turns licking them and then reinserting them in my cunt

Then slowly positioning all your fingers up inside me until I can feel the pressure of your whole hand inside me

Your penis still rubbing against my back

My hand reaches back and plays with your balls

As my hair gently glides across your gentiles and upper thighs

My feet are positioned on both sides of your face, I dig my toes into your mouth!

Oh my, I am getting so fucking excited as I sit here and write this for you

I must stop now and go play with myself for a while.


What’s that?

Do you want to hear more? Want to know how I would satisfy my sleep fetish with you?

So do I!

But only if you’re on the other end of the phone, sharing a fetish phone sex session so that we can climax together. I want you to go hurry up and get naked. Grab the Phone and lie down in bed. Pick up the phone and give my phone sex line a ring.

My pussy is wet and throbbing and only you can help me!


Your Free Sex Story & Sleep Fetish Guru,

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke