Forced Sex Stories: Your Ultimate Accomplice in All Things Depraved

You wanted more than just an accomplice – you wanted someone that would be ‘down’ for anything. I am that someone who would not only relish and drool over such deliciously snatched up morsels but would inspire as well, allowing both of us to soar (or sink, depending on your point of view) to new levels of depravity. With me, you found that, plus so very much more. This is what feeds my need for forced sex stories.

Whatever your filthy little mind can fantasize about, I’m game for.  You had your heart set on snatching a sweet young thing to play with – one that you can use and abuse and be as rough as your appetites demand. When you heard my encouraging words, hearing each of my filthy taunts dripping with lust, your cock throbbed with such a primal need – a need to go further, to take more, to rip into her harder. Going from stalker status to being her kidnapper, we slate our darkest urges on her.

We flipped her on her belly, shoving her knees wide and under her, while you fucked one hole and I use whatever object was handy to assault her other hole.  Then it was time to play musical holes and which switched places.

The whole scene had gotten me so worked up and hot, images of forced sex stories swim endlessly in my mind.

I had to feel her mouth on my cunt.  You smiled such a twisted little smile when you heard my deep-seated need to ride her mouth.  We quickly flipped her back over.  I smashed my sopping pussy on her face, forcing her to suck and slurp me.

As you watched me grinding on top of her face, force-feeding her my pussy, you felt a sort of euphoria – a place devout of any sense of decency and morals; it was a place you wanted to visit over and over again… this was what you craved, needed. Turned out it was what I craved and needed as well.   With that realization, you ripped and shredded her desecrated hole, emptying the contents of your balls deep inside her.

She must have passed out because she went limp – just as well.  Having her struggle and fight against us was all well and good, but it was time to tie her down and take out time with her… have her writhe against her restraints…

I am an accomplice like no other…

I am YOUR ultimate accomplice

Let’s travel that dark path together, and create our own forced sex stories

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