Slave pleasures Me Orally For Hours

There was this new man who came to be an employee where I was working, he was meek, mild, kept to himself and was very neat and tidy, he didn’t bother anyone and was efficient enough, but didn’t really socialize with anyone around the office. After he’d been there around a month, I was a bit surprised when he asked me out for coffee after work, I was curious why, so I agreed.After all he was kind of cute.Little did I know this was about to be my first experience with having a slave!

He said he’d overheard me complaining about my finances to one of my coworkers I am close with and said he might have a solution to help me, I didn’t know what he could mean, but I heard him out. He said if I was wiling to spend the weekend with him and treat him as my slave, he’d give me a thousand dollars, for one weekend. He didn’t expect me to have sex with him, he just wanted to be my submissive and do my chores.He told me he wanted me to address him as “slave” I was shocked, but that kind of money for forty-eight hours was tempting, I said I’d think about it and get back to him. I went home to an empty fridge, and a new batch of bills that were in the mailbox. I needed the money,I thought about my coworkers proposition and knew he was freaky,sexy freaky and I liked the idea. I agreed to do it and told him the next day.He was really pleased and I was really amused this could be fun as well as lucrative.

slave for Gisele

He said he’d come over to my place on Friday night and leave before Monday morning. Friday night he came over a few hours after work with several bags of groceries, I was honestly grateful to see the fridge filled. He made us a lovely dinner and waited on me hand and foot.This rocked! I even remembered to address him as “slave” He’d also brought some wine and I hadn’t felt so pampered in ages. He then prepared a bubble bath and this is when I wondered if he’d keep his word and not try to have sex with me.I was only wearing my silky robe when I walked into the bathroom and dropped it at his feet as I stepped into the steamy bubble bath and slowly lowered my sexy body into the water.My slave was prepared with soft sponges and washed me gently all over. I had to smile when I could clearly see his erection yet he was determined to finish his slave duty.And after my bath he massaged me when I got out of the tub. I slept beautifully.

I awoke to a sparkling clean condo, he must have worked through the night, I should have had a slave years ago, I could grow used to this treatment! I guess all the pampering had a good effect on me as I awoke rather horny and didn’t feel like masturbating. I asked him if he was adept at pussy licking and he said he’d be pleased to do the honors of getting me off, so I sat on his face and he pleasured me orally for over and hour and then I told him I also enjoyed my ass being licked and he was most agreeable to tonguing my ass as well.

By Sunday night, my condo had never looked so clean, and I was very satisfied from my slave doing al of this, and when he left, he left with a fridge full of prepared food that would last me several days and an envelope of cash on the coffee table. I couldn’t believe this had happened. He asked if I might be open to such another weekend in the future where he could again be my slave, I said yes, I’d like that very much. Odd little man, but having my own submissive was a wonderful experience to be sure.
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