Being his sex slave has many advantages!

I have been his sex slave for some time now. When he told me that I was to show up at his Halloween party dressed as a nurse I didn’t even question him. I have learned that being his slave meant always doing what I’m told with no questions asked.

I showed up on time but when he answered the door the party was already in full swing. As I walked in the door he took off my coat. I heard his breath catch as he revealed my costume, or lack thereof. I had on a very small tight top that barely covered my tits. It was just a small piece of material, strapless that went straight across my big tits with a medical red cross right in the center. My skirt was almost the same except it didn’t even cover my entire ass. My cheeks hung out of the bottom accompanied by the straps of my garter belt that attached to black thigh high stockings. Paired with my cute little nurse hat and red stiletto heels I was the perfect cure for anything that was ailing any man.

I gave him a little kiss and walked into the room to the bar. All eyes were on me as I sashayed across the room, my ass swaying sexily with each step in my “fuck me” red heels. I wasn’t the only slave there. I saw girls in all kinds of positions in my walk to the bar. So I knew that all of the men there knew exactly what I was and what my purpose was at the party.

I stood at the bar ordering my drink when a short man walked up next to me. His hand went right to my stocking-covered thigh and squeezed it tightly. I undid his pants and had his cock pulled out before he even had a chance to run his fingers up my leg. He didn’t stand a chance. He was so excited that within less than two minutes his dick exploded all over my black stockings.

I knew all eyes were still on me and I wanted to make an impression. I released his dick and scooped his cum from my leg placing it into my mouth. Then I sucked every drop of the mess he made on my stockings, gave him a little smile, and grabbing my drink I headed over to my master. I could feel the eyes of the strangers on me as I arrived at my destination.

I quickly gave my master a kiss and got down on my knees where a good slave belongs. So I undid his pants and took his cock into my hand as I licked up and down every inch of his hard member. Sucking him into my mouth I continued sucking and stroking him until he exploded into my mouth. My master was always to be the first to enter any of my holes. Now that he had been taken care of it was time to prove myself worthy of being his slave.

I stood up, tucked his cock back into his pants and knew I had done a good job by the smile he gave me. I was now expected to take care of his guests and believe me my pussy was ready to do it! Then I took my drink from the table and turned to continue “working” my way through the guests. Just wait until you hear how that went! I made my master proud! I love being a naughty little sex slave!! Give me a call and I can take care of you too! Maybe I’ll even give you a little sneak peek into what else I did at his party before I write my next blog!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke