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Do you love cuckold sex stories and pretty feet? This is one for you then. A few months ago I met the perfect guy! Well, or at least I thought he was perfect. After a few successful dates, I wanted him to be in my bed. The surprise was that he wasn’t very dominant. I did find out two little secrets, one that he had a foot fetish and that he loved when I would tell him all about being fucked hard by a big cock. He loved it so much that he almost came just imagining me taking it, so of course, I had to make it happen.

We had a date planned out so he didn’t expect what was about to happen. When he came to pick me up I had already someone in my apartment. A big thick cock just for me to fuck for him to watch me do it. He was a bit nervous since it was his first time but that didn’t stop me. The best part about the whole thing was having that thick cock inside me while he watched me. I told him to get closer to me, and closer and he actually did.

I turned around to see him after I came on that big cock and he was right behind me as I was bent over. Looking at me, he asked me for permission to kiss my feet. That is when I knew he was a little dirty cuckold slave. As I gave him permission I went a bit more extreme. I told him how he didn’t deserve a pussy like mine, and my feet were the only thing that I was going to let him touch.

When that big thick cock came inside me things got interesting. Even though he wanted to clean that creampie, I told him that was for another time. He needed to earn that cum!

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