Slave Auction! Sold to the Highest Bidder!

Slave auction, me, yes. It’s one of the many fantasies I have that’s a little on the humiliation side. This is how I picture it going down. Now, the beginning part is always different to me. Maybe you boys can give me a call and we can role play that ourselves.

Basically, I wake up in almost like a cell. I have chains around my wrists and ankles. The chain links all four of my limbs together and only give me just enough slack so I can take small steps. I also have a gag in my mouth, stretching the corners of my mouth with the leather strap around my head. My hands are behind my back and I’m just standing there completely naked. My heart rate increasing.

 The bars open because I’m about to be hauled off somewhere.

A large, tall man grabs me by the chains behind my wrists and leads me down a narrow hallway. As we pass rows of cells on either side of us, I can see that some of them are empty and some have a girl inside them. At the end of the hallway is a set of double doors with two equally large guys on either side of them. As we get closer they open the doors for us.

I’m greeted by tons of people looking at a small stage with a spotlight illuminating a circle, which has a girl standing in the middle of it. She’s exactly as I am; chains, gag, and naked. A man is standing off to the side with a mic. Numbers are spilling out of his mouth, but my head is spinning so much I can’t make sense of what numbers he’s calling.

When he yells “SOLD!” really loud, I realize it’s a sex slave auction.

I’m led behind a few other girls. As I’m ushered closer to the stage my stomach feels so upset. I’m put on stage and the spotlight is on me. So many people are staring at my naked, exposed body. The man starts the bid at $50,000 and rapidly increases it because people keep putting their hands up.

My eyes swish from side to side. I have no way out. He finally says “SOLD!” and I would throw up if I didn’t have a gag in my mouth. I think he ended the bidding at a few hundred thousand dollars.

How hot does that sound and how much do YOU think I’m worth? Give me a call so that you find out for yourself!

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