Public Humiliation – I Had to Put My Panties on the Dinner Table?

Public humiliation is better than regular old humiliation, isn’t it? Especially when everyone at the restaurant is staring at both of you. Yes, yes, I know I have a bad habit of doing this. I’ll back up and tell you the full phone sex story.

I used to see this guy. He was very dominant, naturally. I won’t get into his list of rules he had for me, but one rule he had that is the focal point of this is when we were out on a date, I was not to wear any panties of any kind, especially if I were wearing a dress. That particular night I was wearing a very, very short black cocktail dress. It was backless to the point that you could almost see the top of my ass crack if I weren’t careful. It was also so low cut that you couldn’t see more cleavage down a plumber’s ass and it made my tits look fucking fantastic. On my feet were my sandals with a spiked heel.

By now, what with the title and all, I’m sure you’re aware of where this is going, right? I decided to be a little disobedient. I did, in fact, wear a lacy black thong. Albeit ever so tiny, but the size of my panties were of no consequence. We were sitting on either side of the table at dinner. We ordered some wine and a starter. This was a very fancy restaurant by the way. The casual conversation turned to flirting and all the kinky things he wanted to do to me when we got back to his place. I “let it slip” that I was wearing a thong tonight.

It’s the smart ass masochistic in me, what can I say?

He went quiet. I knew he liked to humiliate me, but he’d never done it publicly before so I figured I was safe until we got back to his place. Oh no. How wrong I was. Apparently, he was also into public humiliation. “Stand up.” He commanded. I did as I was told. “Take them off before the waiter gets here.” I turned to go to the bathroom. “No, no. Here. Right here.” I blushed and couldn’t find any words. “London, take them off right here, right now, and put them on the table.”

“In front of all these people?” I whimpered. He nodded. I gingerly reached up under my dress and slid the tiny thong off my tight ass, down my sexy legs, sat down, and stepped out of them. I could feel my face getting very hot. My eyes darted around the restaurant at all the people as they, one by one, turned to look at me. A few pointed and snickered. Some looked absolutely bewildered. I placed them on the table just as the waiter came to take our entree order…..

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