Skype is the best invention for the voyeur who loves a good show!

A client named J.R. reached out to me on Instant Messenger the other night.  I had no idea when he greeted me that I would enjoy an erotic show on Skype! 

“Sabrina, long time no talk!” he typed.  I was happy to hear from him and told him so.  We recalled the previous phone sex role plays that we did together and he said he missed talking to me.

“Do you do Skype calls?” he asked.  

“Yeah, I sure do.  I can’t be on camera myself but I would definitely not mind watching you masturbate to my voice.” I told him.  

“I understand.”  he responded.  “I have to be quiet though.  Some people are home.”  he explained.  

No problem there, I told him.  I was accustomed to clients needing to be quiet because the wife was asleep in bed or roommates were just in the next room.  It happens pretty often with phone sex calls and because I am such a good narrator of nastiness, I can carry an entire call on my end and just let my client listen and stroke his cock as quiet as a mouse.

Within minutes of setting up the call, I met J.R on Skype.  He was in his bathroom, naked and already rock hard.  He smiled and waved at the camera.  I saw that he was holding his phone up to his ear and had Skype running on his laptop, which he muted.  

I told him that he was right about everything he had previously told me about his cock.  It was quite impressive.  Long, thick and hard and his hand moved up and down the length of it slowly, which instantly made my clit begin to quiver.

As I started narrating a dirty scene for us, imagining that I sneaked into his bathroom with him, crawling over to where he was sitting and beginning to suck his cock, he nodded his head and closed his eyes for a minute, stroking his cock harder.  Then, as I described my cock sucking expertise in vivid detail, I watched as he brought his hand over his cock, and made up and down motions with his hand, mimicking what he would be doing, which was to push my head up and down on his cock.  I loved it!  I used my dildo to make sucking and slurping noises and the faster he moved his hand up and down my imaginary head, the louder and faster I sucked, even pushing the dildo deep into my throat to mimic the gagging that would definitely occur if his big dick was being pushed into my throat.

Next, I told him I was bending over to let him fuck my pussy from behind.  To my pleasure, he moved his hand towards the front of where my imaginary body would be and began to mimic the motions of rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy as he fucked me.  I moaned with genuine pleasure as I watched his fingers wiggle in the air, knowing how good it would feel to have him play with my clit that way.

I watched on Skype as he stood up and thrust his hips forward, making me wish he was actually pounding me that hard and imagining the slapping sound our thighs would make together.  

As soon as he shot a load for me, which I enjoyed watching, I orgasmed with him and then we chuckled together about how fucking hot that Skype call was and he quietly waved goodbye to me.  I logged off Skype and sent him a quick instant message telling him that of all my Skype calls, I would have to say that was one of the best, by far.  

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