Sketchy sex wasn’t exactly what Rick was looking for, but it was so fucking exciting, he couldn’t help himself!

Sketchy Sex was something Rick had never done before.  He was a regular guy, he liked to get off, and found dates in the usual way.  Sometimes he would find girls in the local bar, sometimes he would connect with a woman online.  Rick had plenty of dates, but he wanted something different, some new experience. He had heard rumors about a local sex store you could go have sketchy sex in.  One night, Rick’s curiosity got the best of him and he drove across town to see if the rumors were true.

Rick walked in and asked about the private rooms in the back.  He was questioned by the store employee, Rick assumed to be sure that Rick wasn’t a cop.  Rick was unsure if he was ready for whatever kind of sketchy sex was to come, but he had to try it for himself at least once!!  Finally, he paid the cashier $20.00 and went through a door in the back of the store. He walked down a hall with several doors.  Rick picked one and went in to find a steamy porn playing on a big screen tv. There was a metal chair in the middle of the room, so he sat and enjoyed the kinkfest that was playing before his eyes.

Rick looked to the side and saw a hole in the wall.

He heard the door to the next room open and shut and knew this was his chance.  Rick pulled his pants down and stuck his stiff cock through the hole, nervous of what was to come next.  He couldn’ see next door, but knew it was probably a man whose tongue was massaging the tip of his dick. Rick didn’t even care once the person swallowed his dick as far as the wall would allow!  The person in the next room was working hard for Rick’s thick, creamy load. They sucked and swirled their tongue around his cock, sending chills all over Rick’s body.

Rick pushed hard into the wall trying to get his cock further into the hole.  He loved how this felt like one of those dirty sex stories. He never knew sketchy sex would turn him on so much.  The person’s mouth moved faster and faster on Rick’s cock until Rick couldn’t take it anymore. His balls tightened and he heard a deep “mmm” as his cock pumped cum into this person’s mouth.  Rick felt grimy after his first glory hole experience, but he loved how exciting it was. He knew then that this place was going to be his new obsession. Rick pulled his pants up and sat back in the metal chair, waiting to see what other kinds of fun the glory hole would bring him!!


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