Sketchy sex really gets my cunt dripping wet.

I’ve gotten to where sketchy sex really gets me turned on to the point of having multiple orgasms. I suppose it’s only natural. I’ve been having sex since I was pretty young and it’s gotten to where I have to really take a risk to get off. There’s only so many cocks you can take and so many different positions where it gets to be a yawn. Life’s too short for boring sex, and if I’m not enjoying myself then why should I even bother? I refuse to have dull sex so I’ve started looking for new ways to keep it exciting.

One of the things that I’ve found that really does it for me is sketchy sex. There are so many hot clubs that are full of married men and single men looking for some action. When my pussy starts to crave new dick that’s where I go for my next wild adventure.

I get pretty twisted on a few too many delicious cosmopolitans and then I look for the nearest hard cock.

The back alley of a club is one of the hottest places to suck a dick and take it deep inside my tight cunt. Bareback is, of course, the only way to go. I want to feel every single inch of that hard, throbbing cock as it slides inside of me.

The feeling of having a strong man take control and put me against a brick wall for some kinky oral sex in that dark alley makes me drip. My legs spread wide and my hands against the wall as he pounds me from the back is incredible. There’s no need for me to ask for his name or to find out if he’s married or not. As long as I’m getting what I need I could care less.

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