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Yes I do enjoy pussy as much as I enjoy dick. The number one question men ask, is what two women do during lesbian sex? Let me tell you honey, it’s a whole lot more than just oral sex. Yes, oral sex with a woman is incredible but there’s so much more to it than that. If you ask nicely, I just might let you stroke your cock, watch and learn. I’m sure that you could learn a thing or two about eating pussy the right way. Too often, men are in a rush and far too rough. You need to learn to take your time and soften that tongue. After all, you wouldn’t like it too much if I rushed through your blow job now would you?

Just the thought of lesbian sex has you dripping in your pants doesn’t it? Go over to the corner and take that cock out. Stroke it while you watch us make out. Our tight bodies pressed against each other, soft lips pressed together, tongues tangling. The moans that come out of our mouths will make you twitch. A sixty nine is the perfect position to slip into so we can pleasure each other at the same time. Her tongue sliding up and down my juicy wet pussy, teasing my swollen clit while I tease hers.

It’s almost too much for you to bear isn’t it? You just can’t stand the thought that two women can give each other pleasure and get off without your help. Well it’s true and you’re lucky that we’re even letting you watch from the corner. You’re like a horny dog, humping your hand and moaning while you watch us get each other off. It doesn’t take you long to shoot your wad does it LOL.

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