I’ve Always Been A Size Queen

Ever since I had my first big cock a few years ago, I’ve been a size queen. My best friend who lives a few doors down asked if I’d met the new guy in the neighborhood yet. I said not yet, why? She smiled and said I’d soon see. This was just like one of those young slut stories . A few days later I was out getting the mail and he walked by with his dog. I couldn’t help but notice the size of his package and I immediately knew what my girlfriend had meant. So I called her and asked her if she thought he had a sock down his shorts and she laughed and said no.

I Just Had To Meet Him

Well this I had to investigate for myself. I called and asked her to come over. We decided were going to take him a basket of homemade muffins I made to get in the door. I felt ridiculous using baked goods to get a better look at his crotch. Hey, a girl’s gotta to do what a girl’s gotta to do. He thanked me and invited us in. I think he noticed us glancing at his crotch area. With a dick that size, he’d be well used to it, I’m sure.

He Said It Was Eleven Inches!

He wanted to know if we’d like a drink, so we had some wine and felt a bit more relaxed after a while. I can’t hold my liquor all that well and my thoughts came out of my mouth with little control. I laughed and pointed to his dick area and asked how big it actually was. He smiled and said eleven inches, would we like to see it? We giggled like schoolgirls and nodded our heads. The new neighbor then whipped out his sizeable cock and waved it around like some kind of magic wand. We were mesmerized at its size. Both length and girth. I reached out to touch it without even asking. He laughed and said go for it.

I Could See The The Tip Glisten With Precum

It began to grow in my hand, stiffening at my touch. This was a size queen’s dream. I could not help myself but to stroke it. My friend looked on jealously and asked if she could have a turn. He nodded and she reached over and she began to stroke it. I could see the tip begin to glisten with his precum. I just leaned over and took the head of it in my mouth.

As much as I could anyway. It was massive. Without a doubt the biggest I’ve ever seen or touched in person. I then wondered if it would even fit in my pussy if I tried. I asked him if I could try it out. He slipped off his jeans and shorts entirely and laid back on the sofa. I straddled him and tried to get the head in my pussy. I knew this would be no easy feat.

This Huge  Cock Needed To Be Eased Into My Cunt

He told me to relax and just let him try to ease it in, so I did my best. My friend was watching the entire thing unfold right across from her. She reached her hand down into her panties and was touching herself as she watched us. I felt my wetness on the head of his dick as he teased my slit a bit with it. He then found my hole and just popped the head in. Then he slowly slid me down onto it and inch by inch it went in. I felt like I was going to be split in two. It was huge, nearly the size of a forearm, but a size queen like me wanted be stretched out. He was indeed doing just that.

I began to slowly rock back and forth on it and was soon feeling great with it inside of me. I’d had big ones before, but none quite this big. My clit was rubbing against his shaft with each rise and fall of my body on his. My tits bounced in his face and he took one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked on it. It became erect and I moaned with delight. He grabbed my ass cheeks in his hands, lifting me up and down on his dick.

My Girlfriend Was Enjoying Herself For Sure

I glanced over at my friend and she was making herself cum as she watched. I wrapped my arms around his neck and sped up my bucking against him. And  I came in a gush on his shaft. I soon felt him go off inside of me with his huge monster cock. Rope after rope of his jizz into me. I caught my breath and slowly climbed off of him. My cunt felt a void as I rose off of him and I was left gaping and dripping. It might take me a bit to recover from that beast in my pussy. Size queen though I am, I will be back for more, not a doubt.

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