I’m a size queen who loves BIG DICKS!

Of course I’m a size queen!
Isn’t ANY girl that prefers fucking black cocks over white ones looking for a BIG dick?

I’ve seen a WHOLE lotta teeny tiny white baby dicks, for example. But after fucking BBC’s for as long as I’ve been fucking in general? I’ve only ever seen ONE small black cock in my life! Black dicks are just bigger in general. So yeah, while it’s not the ONLY reason I prefer black cock? It definitely helps to accept “black cock only” (or MOSTLY black cock only) if you’re a size queen!

Now, I know what all my short dick men are thinking… and yes boys, I do still love you! It’s just that I don’t love being fucked BY you. Little dicks have their place in the world – and it’s usually inside a pair of frilly pink panties! I love me some panty boys, but you know I don’t actually let you guys FUCK me! …. ever. Your tiny pathetic cock is nowhere NEAR good enough to slip inside this pristine, superior pussy and experience it’s version of heaven!  – and you KNOW it. 

While I enjoy making you my plaything, the idea of your baby dick inside me makes me laugh uncontrollably! MOST of you know your place – and when you belong to me, the majority of the time that’s on your knees, fluffing my stud because man. Getting that big fat cock ready to go is hard work! Plus, this bratty size queen and her big black bull like to giggle about the ridiculous faces you make when you suck dick as they cuddle after they’ve used you and sent you away! =)

Do you have a big fat cock for this dirty little size queen? It doesn’t have to be black. It just has to be BIG! I’ll make it cum harder than you ever thought possible during a Phone Sex call! Conversely, I know there are some of you closet-bi sissy boys out there just licking your lips in anticipation at the idea of sucking off my bulls! You can call me too. In fact, I have a present for you!

It’s big. It’s hard. And it’s waiting to be satisfied!