A size queen cuckold

With my tits just inches from your face, I slide my pussy onto Aaron’s massive cock. This is going to be my favorite size queen cuckold ever! I told you I was a slut, and you’ve even seen it first-hand, but nothing will prepare you for how wild I’m going to get tonight.

Aaron slams his cock deep into my pussy.

“Oh my God!! Mmm it feels like it’s tearing me apart! Yeah, fucking abuse that pussy, Aaron”

He pumps into me, making my tits bounce into your face. My nipples harden as he picks up his pace. 

It feels so wonderful as they bounce into the rough hair on your face. That little bit of stubble irritates them just the right amount. Aaron grabs me around my throat, turning my head to face him. He’s not looking at me though, no his eyes are for my sub right now. And they say “You wish you could make her feel like this.”

And he’s right. As Aaron’s lips lower to mine, I hear a small whimper escape my sub’s throat. I lean into the kiss, milking it as Aaron continues to pound into my wet pussy. 


You thought you’d love being in a size queen cuckold. So many nights fetish phone sex kept you tantalized, immersed to the core with ideas of my gorgeous body being used by another man. But this, having my flesh brush up against yours as you truly experienced it…it was more than you’d bargained for. I guess there will be no secret gay confessions from you…

I saw it once Aaron broke the kiss. Your hands lay motionless, your little cock shriveled. The Barbie had long abandoned her post, too, laying useless on the floor. 

But that’s too fucking bad. You thought I wouldn’t enjoy your misery just as much as I would have enjoyed your excitement? I knew you were stupid but damn!

I stop Aaron and start whispering in his ear. With a chuckle, he nods his agreeance with my plan. You are truly fucked now. He strides up to you, lifting you and easily tossing you on the bed.

“You looked so lonely, pet. Come be part of the fun.”


Together, we arrange you just the way we want. Once you’re on your back in the center of the bed, I get back on my hands and knees, your head under my pussy. Aaron slides his cock back inside of me and I hear you begin crying.

Bad decision on your part…if you’re going to cry, I’m going to give you something to cry about. 

I grab your shriveled dick and twist as hard as I can. Your crying intensifies, but so does my pleasure. Just knowing that you’re watching that massive cock pump inside of me during our size queen cuckold is making me so slick with pussy juice!

I keep your dick twisted as Aaron grabs my hair and fucks me harder. Each thrust makes me tug on your pathetic cock as I get closer and closer to cumming all over your goddamn face. I think of the creampie that I’m going to push out onto your face when Aaron’s done with me and it hits me. 

My orgasm rocks through my body, culminating in me using both hands to clamp down on your little baby dick. You scream, the warm air caressing my convulsing pussy. Aaron pumps one last time and follows me over the edge. 


For a brief moment, no one moved. Aaron and I just luxuriated in the sensations our bodies provided, and you… Well, you whimpered. So fucking pathetic. Tonight should have been a privilege for you, but you’d squandered it being jealous. 

Aaron pulled out. The vacuum he’d created made most of his load slide out with him, dropping onto your face. I roll off of you and took a peek. Your mouth is clamped tight and your arms twitch with the desire to wipe it off. 

You’re not completely stupid, though, because you don’t touch it as you await my instructions. 

I lean down close to your face and tell you to eat it. You consider denying me, but you know that this about more than a size queen cuckold at this point. 

You owe your goddess…now eat up!

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