Do you know why secret gay confessions get me off?

Because out of all the people you could have told about your secret gay confessions, you chose me! And you know me by now, right? Anything that makes me feel good about myself gets me off. Let’s not forget, though, it’s the thought of you on your hands and knees, a cock buried in your ass, that really gets me wet!

I love fetish phone sex with every fiber of my being, yet when you call and tell me secrets I find myself torn. If you’ve played with me in a BDSM setting, then you know I’m two-faced. I’m compassionate and empathetic one minute and flaying you alive with my humiliating sadism. Well, when you start telling me all of your secret gay confessions, I want to do the same thing.

When you confess that your family and friends can never know your secret desires, I want to hug you so tight and tell you that you deserve the ability, to be honest, but that I totally understand. But, it’s the details that kill me. The times you really had to hide your true self that makes me tear up. Yeah, secret gay confessions can get pretty raw, but that’s what I live for in this life: the honest moments that no one but you and I are privy to.

But you don’t have to tell me that stuff. We can always skip to the hot bits where you tell me what type of nasty little fag boy you are, and that’s when my sadistic side wants to have some fun. No matter what you want to do, I’m going to push you to go harder!

Truly Secret

Because your secret is so important to you, I make it my priority to keep it safe. I’ll even keep our emails innocent if you want…it’s up to you. But one thing you can be assured of from Phone Sex Kingdom is that we take protecting your information safe! Some guys want to feel blackmailed, but I’m not really into that. I’m more of a “Your secret’s safe with me” type of gal.

Think of me as a Goddess of Darkness who wishes to corrupt those around her without anyone being the wiser. It puts a real wrench in my plans if our plots are discovered. If you really need to go incognito, I recommend using a pre-paid Visa. Use cash to buy one at Wal-Mart or basically any gas station and register it online. Then give me a call and we’ll get those secret gay confessions out to have some kinky fun!

Speaking of kinky fun…

I fucking love watching you on Skype while you show me how bad you really crave being a little slut. Bring a sex toy and oh my god, the fun we’ll have! We both know you can suck that dick like a pro…but how fast and hard can you take it up your ass? Granted, not all of my gay boys are bottoms, but let’s be honest…

To the ones that don’t: break out that PocketPussy with the ass attachment! I want to see you fucking pound that shit into the mattress so hard that they fuse together from the friction! We can add any fantasy to the mix you want. Gay incest storiesprison sex, the jock or little twink in the locker room, mommy pimping her son out as a gay prostitute for drugs, anything you fantasize about can be yours!

I’m so glad we offer paid text chat for my shy boys, too! I started having fun with sexting when I was just 14 years old. AOL chat rooms were huge at the time and I was a fucking slut, so I have the experience to really make it worth your while to tell me all of your secrets through text chat on either Skype or Google Hangouts.

Hard, horny, and Hot

So, you’re hard, horny, and hot to trot, and there’s only one thing standing between you and me, babe. You can either keep checking out my hot sex stories, or you can come find me and have the most erotic phone sex of your life while you tell me all of your secret gay confessions.

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