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When gay incest stories are involved, you know it’s time for some seriously taboo phone sex! We can get as wet and wild as we want, with no one to tell us we’re wrong. It’s perfect!

Almost as perfect as Jace and Ethan’s wild gay incest stories. Jace spent all fall watching his brother fill out for football. Never in a million years had he expected to be so rock hard while imagining his brother all sweaty and shirtless, but here he was, three eggnogs deep, stroking himself to just that thought. God, his cock was so fucking hard! It dripped and leaked, but tonight it refused to cum. That thick dick needed the real thing, and Jace was ready to give it what it craved!

Ethan was downstairs in a very similar position. While his brother has locked himself in his room to masturbate, Ethan had been lying face down on the couch, grinding his cock into the cushions as he imagined his brother pounding his young virgin ass. His eyes squeezed shut as he bucked and pumped. He was so lost in the pleasure that he never saw his brother standing in the doorframe.

Jace could hardly believe his eyes!

It was like his slutty brother was begging to have his ass claimed! With his brother’s ass gyrating against the couch, Jace imagined all of the gay incest stories he could create in this one single moment. At first, he thought he should pull his throbbing cock out and jack off right where he stood. The urge to touch himself was so great that Jace almost gave in, but he knew what he really wanted this Christmas. He looked up and asked for a sign and there was his answer: mistletoe.

Jace reached up and grazed his fingers across the leaves before moving in on his prize. He pulled his cock from his pants and descended on his brother. He draped his body against every tight muscle his brother’s body had to offer. Ethan let out a shriek when he felt his brother’s weight pin him down, and a groan when he felt his cock squeezed as his brother wriggled his hand underneath him. There were so many sensations that Ethan was lost. He knew it was Jace above him and it turned him on so much to have his brother’s cock hard between his ass cheeks – if only his damn pants weren’t in the way!

As if Jace could read his mind, he rested his weight on his elbows and yanked his brother’s pants down to his knees. Then his cock was truly nestled between Ethan’s cheeks. Jace pinned his brother down and thrust his hips to a slow rhythm.

His little brother would be on Santa’s naughty list if he didn’t shut up!

Ethan felt each thrust of his brother’s warm thick cock against his ass. Every few thrusts he could even feel the tip of Jace’s dick poking his tight little hole. He couldn’t help but whimper and mewl from the sensation, yet he knew he had to be quiet! Jace knew it too and decided to take action. He grabbed his brother’s face and angrily yanked it to the side, pressing their lips together and dominating his little brother’s mouth with his tongue. Ethan didn’t stop making noises, but with Jace there to swallow each little moan, it was no longer a problem.

As both boys got closer to cumming, they both knew that there would be many more gay incest stories to come. With their sweaty bodies entwined they recognized that they were addicted. Jace came to the thought of actually fucking his brother next time. His cock twitched, and his balls tightened, and then he thrust his hips one last time as rope after rope of hot gooey cum coated his brother’s ass. When Ethan felt his brother convulse and the cum soaking his ass, he shot his load too. He felt it, trapped between the leather sofa and his stomach, and knew his Christmas wish had been granted.

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