Size Fetish: A big thick cock deserves to be cherished and worshiped.

Size Fetish: I’ve always been a bit of a size queen. I love a cock that stretches out and fills up my sweet tight pink pussy. My first boyfriend was very thick and long, he was over ten inches. It took quite a while for us to get it in my pussy even though I was soaking wet.  With patience and lots of lube, we got it to go inside me. Ever since him, I have since come to love a nice big thick cock in all my holes to satisfy me. Milf Sex Stories just like this one are some of my favorite.

A few guys have called me up to actually complain about being too big. Yes, there can be too much of a good thing for us ladies. Some women are not going to be able to comfortably accommodate a dick that big. I, however, am up for the challenge and welcome guys to talk to me that are large and listen to their stories of women that let them down in the bedroom. If you are a big boy and are lucky, I just might get out one of my super-sized dildos and use it during the call. I will imagine it being your massive cock inside me!

 A big thick cock deserves to be cherished and worshiped. I can hold it and swirl my tongue around it and look my lover in the eyes and accept his load all over my face or down my throat. Big cocks deserved to be worshiped. If you have one or would like to fantasize that you do, give me a call tonight!

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