Don’t you wish you could touch me for REAL, baby? But because we’re social distancing, you’ll have to stay at least six feet away. Too bad for you!

Didn’t think I knew you were watching me from more than six feet away, did you? I’ve finally caught you in the act, you dirty, perverted cuckold slut! Ah yes, your classic BBC cuckold humiliation fantasy; you thought that’s all it was, didn’t you. Of course, that wasn’t an actual question, you know!

After all, we all know that as you read my words here, you’re furtively slapping that pathetic excuse for a cock (clit?! 😂). Meanwhile, you’re fantasizing about just how you could reach perfect fulfillment if you could somehow become a REAL cuckold.

Oh … ~makes a tsking sound~ … did you think you’re the ONLY sexy older neighbor of mine who’s a peeping Tommy? Or is that, a “Peeping Tammy?” Haha, same difference! Regardless of what you call yourself, you fluffer wannabes are all super fun to “break-in,” so to speak!

That’s right, did you think I haven’t noticed you perving me through my bedroom window last night? Matter of fact, I’ve been totally tormenting you forever, long before this whole coronavirus six feet away thing started. Predictably, all this isolation makes this college girl extra super horny! But I digress. Back to the story!

First of all, I love stripping nude in front of the window, knowing you’re watching my every move.

Second, it drives me wild to rub my throbbing young clitty while spreading my tanned, toned thighs wide. After all, it’s important to provide you with the best possible viewing angle, right? ~smirk~

Next, I can’t get enough of playing with my hot girlfriends practically in front of you. Just how hard did you jerk off to the sight of two college girls gone wild? “Cum” on, I know you did! LMAO Oooh, did you enjoy watching us hungrily lick each other’s dripping pussies, cuckie?

However, my absolute favorite thing is making certain my curtains are open wide so that you can see the main event.

What is that, you ask? Why, bouncing on my boyfriends’ thick, hard cocks, of course! No, that wasn’t a typo. Of course, you KNOW that I meant multiple men, didn’t you?

It’s really entertaining to toy with you, cuckie!

Lately, I’ve been leaving little gifts on your doorstep while you’re at work. Which one has been your favorite so far, do you think? For example, the first surprise gift was a pair of my pink, lacy thong panties. To clarify, you came home to find my dirty, cum-filled panties hanging from your front doorknob.

As I secretly watched, you pressed my pretty panties to your face.

With this in mind, you took a deep sniff. Then you went inside, no doubt to jerk off with them! Admit it, baby. Just how HARD did you blow your load while inhaling my sweet, musky pussy scent?

Mmm, just writing about this cuckold humiliation fantasy is making me SO fucking hot! Hang on, just gonna pause a moment to slip my fingers into my silky panties, and … ~moan~

Okay, now where were we? Oh yes, you were sniffing my panties. AGAIN. Weren’t you, filthy little cuck? Indeed, all I can see is my silky, deep pink bikini panties, moving up and down. Additionally, I notice that whatever you’re stroking HAS to be tiny.

Furthermore, did you know when you woke up this morning that you’d be starring in one of my fave interracial sex storiesLast but not least, who knew that cuckolding fantasies could be so incredibly HOT, amirite?!

Are you using my panties to masturbate your pathetic, 2-inch wonder? In other words, you must not be jerking off so much as rubbing one out, right? 😜

Last night, I heard a knock at my front door. Having spied you through the side window, I loudly moaned an invitation to “cum” on in. At the same time, my sexy boyfriend Jayden sloooowly stretched my achingly tight little rosebud with his massive 11-and-a-quarter-inch long, 3-inch thick, very hard black cock.

As I point to the corner of the room, I direct you to crawl over there. Next, I throw you my drenched, pink thong panties. After all, that’s what I was wearing before this buttfuckfest started. Purring from the intense pleasure of Jayden’s amazing BBC inside me, I growl “Kneel over there, cuckie. That’s a good slut.”

Just to torment you, I manage to gasp out this little ditty to the tune of “Row Your Boat.” Actually, I moan the song in perfect rhythm as my hot BBC bull plunges in and out:

“Fuck, fuck, fuck me, cuck! Dontcha wish you could?

Stay six feet away, you don’t get to play,

So CRY while we cum gooooood!”

Okay, so that’s not grammatically correct. But who the fuck cares, right? It’s that very rigid, BBC *point* that we’re making, isn’t it?! Jayden laughs his ass off at this, and your face rapidly turns a perfect beet red. Watching the helpless, out-of-control humiliation on your face is SO very yummy. Of course, seeing your desperate movements drives my excitement even higher!

Meanwhile, my sexy black lover is really ramming it in and out of my ass now as I hungrily rub my swollen clit.

Jayden and I are both panting and groaning like fucking animals. Indeed, it’s so smokin’ hot in here that it’s a wonder that the whole place hasn’t gone up in flames! In fact, your spot on the floor gives you the perfect vantage point as you frantically wank your pathetic little wiener.

Compared to my black alpha male’s thick, meaty, mandingo dick, YOURS is just a tiny, useless clit, right?

What happens next, cucky slut? If your performance impresses me, I *might* even let you play clean-up boy! Well, maybe once social distancing is over, this is! For now, though?

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