Cuckolding adventure – You’re here to find out what happened next in that taxi, right?

Cuckolding my boyfriend Dylan while the taxi driver watched: Did you miss Part 1? Well then, be sure to click on the bold text to check out the start of my first public cuckold sex experience! After all, who could pass up on FREE SEX like this, right?!

Dylan struggled to control his breathing. Obviously, he was on the edge of exploding! He looked at me pleadingly. I grinned at him, slowing the stroking by just the tiniest bit. Keeping him on that fine, heated edge, I purred softly “Say it, cuck. You KNOW you want to.”

My boyfriend groaned, then obeyed: “Tyler, I want you to fuck my girlfriend … While I watch, of course.”

Dylan finished with “If you’re interested, please turn right at the next light and stop at the Hilton. If not, just continue driving to our destination and we’ll say no more about it.”

Of course, Tyler looked completely unsurprised. Indeed, he acted as if this sort of thing happened to him all the time. Anyway, he grinned, saying nothing as he promptly took the next right. As we approached the hotel, I continued caressing, stroking, and squeezing my cuckold’s throbbing fuckstick for a few tantalizing moments more, then I stopped.

Next, I gave my lover’s cock a final squeeze and a teasing pat, helping him tuck his raging hard-on back into his trousers as we pulled up under the hotel’s portico. Dylan quickly booked a room, then the three of us entered a waiting elevator.

Within seconds, the sexy taxi driver pinned me against the elevator wall, devouring my mouth in a passionate, deep kiss. My eyes met Dylan’s as I moaned.

Panting softly, I slowly stroked my hands down Tyler’s muscular back to squeeze his hot, twenty-something ass through his jeans.

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