Cuckolding Dylan always ignites my desire, mmm… check out what happened next in this 4-part story!

Cuckolding my boyfriend with a total stranger – If you missed the start of this cuckold sex adventure, click on the bold text! When we ended last time, taxi driver Tyler had captured my lush lips in a searing kiss right there in the elevator.

Leaning against the adjacent wall nearby, Dylan’s blue eyes blazed as he watched us with obvious enjoyment. Indeed, his expression urged me on like it always does.

As he enjoyed the erotic sight before him, he casually stroked his burgeoning erection through his tailored trousers.

We quickly reached the 20th floor. As Tyler and I came up for air, the elevator doors opened. The three of us strode quickly down the hallway to find our room number. Then Dylan swiped the door card and we all walked inside.

Taking my hand, Tyler led me through the living room area into the bedroom suite. On fire now, we kissed hungrily. In fact, it was urgent! As we rapidly stripped each other, Tyler backed me toward the bed. Dylan fixed himself a drink at the wet bar, then removed his tie as he walked into the bedroom to join us.

Cuckolding my boyfriend: Settling into a nearby chair, Dylan unzipped his pants to free his throbbing cock.

Breath coming fast, Dylan was hungry for the sizzling cuckold phone sex that only I can give him! Stroking himself slowly, he watched Tyler pin my naked body against the pillows. Arching with need, I spread my toned, tanned thighs wide for this sexy stranger.

Tyler parted my puffy pussy lips to reveal the deep pink, juicy flesh within. At the same time, my boyfriend groaned through clenched teeth. Obviously, the taxi driver had just given him an eyeful!

Without delay, Tyler eagerly went to work, purring hungrily as he slurped up my cunt juices with lavish laps of his talented tongue.

Equally important, check out Part 4 of this cuckold fantasy!

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