Little Sister Kate

Your sister is such a sweet, pretty girl. Her name is Kate and the older she gets the more you start to notice her. You know that incest is so naughty but you just can’t help picturing what she would feel like writhing beneath you, how she would taste, how good she could make you feel. Mom and dad have gone out of town for the weekend and its pool season. They left the two of you alone at the house and you are in charge.

She’s lying by the pool in her sweet little bikini. Her blonde hair is long and straight, her skin is glistening with sweat. She’s picture perfect really. Laying on her stomach with her bikini top undone so she doesn’t get any tan lines. She’s reading a book, a smutty book that mom wouldn’t allow if she were home. She’s ripe and ready for the taking by the look on her face and the blush on her cheeks. You better bring her some lemonade.

You approach her, catching her off-guard and she sits straight up. Her bikini top staying on the chair where she was lying and now she’s half-naked in front of you. She looks down suddenly aware that her tits are in full view. “Oh brother, I’m so sorry. You scared me!” You are staring hard and you can’t say anything. Your cock is twitching in your swim trunks and your mouth is watering. It’s taking everything in your power not to reach out and touch those sweet pink nipples. They’re hard and begging to be touched, sucked, licked. You glance down to her pussy.

You can tell it’s bare beneath her swimsuit and you know she’s a virgin.

Then you look up and notice that she’s looking at you staring at her body and you realize you haven’t said anything. “Sorry sister didn’t mean to scare you.”

What happens next is up to you;) Does little sister give her big brother a taste of what he’s been craving? Does she convince him to take her then and there? Or does he have to work for it? Is she playing hard to get or does she want him even more than he wants her?

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