Sister fucks brother after a bad breakup

Sister fucks brother, which is odd because a lot of brothers and sisters don’t get along.  They go through life thinking the other is gross, stupid, or annoying.  Then they hit puberty, and things start changing.  You begin to notice your sister’s blossoming tits and curvaceous figure.  Her fuckable lips and round ass.  And she starts seeing your muscular chest and bulge that seems to pop up at the most inconvenient of times.  Maybe, occasionally, you catch each other naked in the shower or midway through getting dressed in the morning.  However, it happens.  Your annoying sister/brother becomes attractive.  But how to go from a hint of infatuation to full-blown fucking?  How do things escalate to that forbidden realm of pleasure?  It’s simple.

Sister fucks brother is all about vulnerability

All it takes is for one of them to need someone — anyone — to help them through something.  Maybe they didn’t get the part they wanted in the school play, or they didn’t get accepted into their first-choice college.  When emotions are running high, it only takes one of them to make a move.  There is no more vulnerable moment than when a boy gets dumped by his first love.  He feels empty, betrayed, and lonely.  At this moment, he needs someone he shares an unbreakable connection with who he can trust never to leave him.

Enter the sister

Naturally, when she walks into his room and sees how upset he is, she has to ask what the matter is.  It’s kind of hard to save face when tears are streaming down your face, so you admit everything.  In the past, your sister wouldn’t have hesitated to laugh in your face at your pain.  But, this time, she expresses sympathy and even anger.

“What?!  Fuck that bitch!  She doesn’t deserve you!  I hope she chokes on a bag of dicks!”

You can’t help but smile.  Even though your not over your ex yet, the fact that someone is in your corner eases you.  You let your sister hug you, and your head rests between her tits just like your girlfriend used to make it do.  A shiver goes down your spine.  Why did you compare your ex to your sister just now?  The hug lingers a little longer than expected, and both of you look at each other to find out why that is.  Then suddenly,

A kiss

A fevered, lust-fueled kiss follows.  You can’t keep your hands off of each other.  Was this her plan all along?  She straddled you effortlessly. However, you don’t know she’s pantieless.  You’re in despair that you can’t fight the raging hard-on you have for your sister.  She envelops you and starts riding your hard and fast; harder and faster than your ex ever did.  It feels good.  Too good that you’ve forgotten you’re not wearing a condom.  That’s when the door swings open and, standing behind it is non-other than your ex.

“I overreacted.  Maybe we can make this wor…what that?!!!  Are you fucking your sister?!!!”

Instead of jumping off of your cock, your sister grabs hold of you and pins you down while looking straight at your former lover.

“Too bad, bitch.  He’s mine now.  There’s no way you’re taking him back from me.”

That sounded like a challenge.  Were these two prepared to fight over your cock?  Call my phone sex line to find out!