Does your wife have a sissy transformation fantasy? Let’s identify the signs. I’m sure you haven’t satisfied your wife in years, if you ever did. She stopped sleeping with you, didn’t she? Started staying late after work, I bet. One day she brought home a toy. Three gunmetal grey butt plugs. How exciting! She’s never let you do anal before! Spicing up your sex life, you imagine how wet she’ll get when you use it on her. 

How naïve. You were surprised when she had you lay face down on the bed with your ass in the air. It felt emasculating… but… If it is what she wanted, there was really nothing wrong with it, right? You bit your lip as the cold lube pressed up against your ass… you had never played with it before. Only for her. Only for her. Only for her. It was not that big anyway, the small set of butt plugs. It was nothing serious when, after pressing her fingers into you multiple times she pushed the first and smallest one in. You barely felt it… really, it was not a big deal. Little did you know, it was just the beginning of her sissy transformation fantasy. 

You bent over for her much more often after that.

She still was not letting you fuck her, but now you two were playing nearly every night. Shamefully degrading yourself face down ass up, presenting your hole to her like a bitch in heat. But it was your wife, and it really wasn’t that bad. ‘Only for her. Only for her. Only for her.’ You thought. Of course, you had started to really enjoy the butt plugs. Your tiny little cock would get so hard. Then you think about fucking her. 

But last time you asked, she pulled out a belt and gave you lashes across your sensitive ass. So you probably won’t bring it up again for now.

She’s been working your ass for weeks now.

You realized that she was not going to let up when she woke you early in the morning. Yet another step of her sissy transformation fantasy begins now. Forcing you onto your hands and knees for her again. She went through all three sizes of the plugs, ending up on the largest one. She pushes it in your nicely loosened hole, slaps her hand across your ass, and then she moves away. Your cock is hanging half-hard between your legs. It used to be straining hard every time she touched you, but now it’s not, even though she’s been stretching you for half an hour already. Now that you think about it… Has she ever made you cum by doing this? Or did your poor tiny cock just drip precum until she left you shaking and desperate on the sheets? 

She tosses a pair of lacy pink panties at you.

She tells you to put them on. Fuck. You were half-hard, dribbling cum, and your ass felt so full. Standing shifted the plug around, and you felt your legs shake as you stepped into the panties and pulled them up. She led you in front of a full-length mirror leaning against the wall. Your cock looks tiny in the panties. There’s already a tiny wet spot in the front. How humiliating!

“Now, keep that in all day at work,” she says, her head resting against your shoulder as you both examine the pathetic sight you make. This is just the beginning of YOUR sissy transformation fantasy.

Hello readers. The third episode of Trust Me, I’m a Phone Sex Operator podcast with Sirena (which may or may not currently be in editing hell) inspired me to start a blog series. Hopefully, this will be a long and slow burn, so I hope you join me on this journey.  If you want to hear this story continued, give me a call for your personalized sissy transformation fantasy phone sex. Can’t wait for next week and need some more reading now? Try my story about clothed female nude male.

Until next time, kinksters.

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