In an Unexpected Situation

You’re shivering, though you’re sure it’s not only from the cold air surrounding your body nor the tiled floor on your bare feet. You had been tasked to strip down, and now you are. Your clothes are neatly folded, as instructed, and placed on a chair that is now a few foreboding steps across the room. A portion of you wanted to move and start to get dressed. Being fully naked in a brightly lit room for over 5 minutes now was beginning to make you feel antsy. However, you trust your Mistress, who is the one that assigned you these tasks. Is that the sound of her red heels clicking down the hall now? 

“Ladies,” you hear her say, suddenly realizing that’s not one set of heels, but many. “It’s time for the clothed female nude male auction to begin.”

What did she just say? Clothed Female Nude Male?

As she says that, your Mistress comes in, wearing your favorite red dress of hers and heels to match. Brown hair let loose around her shoulders, and lips pursed. Her friends were dressed much the same, looking classy and exuding an air of elegance and confidence. Tight dresses, make-up, heels, stockings… And you, shivering naked in front of all of them. There were six women. You started thinking about what you heard your Mistress say as they all filed out in front of you. ‘Clothed Female Nude Male Auction.’ 

Well, the first part of it was pretty self-explanatory, but the second part… would you be choosing another mistress? 

Not so. 

These women looked like they could eat you up

You realized the mix-up as the ladies gazes settled on you like hungry vultures. They were looking at every part of your exposed body, your pert ass, and your cock. To your shock, their hands reach out to poke and prod at you. One of them lifts your exposed penis to examine it; another gives a glance to your balls. You shiver but stay still; as you provide a panicked look to your Mistress, she winks, and you convince yourself to relax. She’s trustworthy and has never lead you wrong.

“Is he… well trained?” a blonde woman asks. She looks older than your Mistress, her lips colored simply with a light lipgloss.

“Of course…” Phone Sex Mistress Ares answers, “What do you take me for?”

“Well… of course, if it’s you….”

“Still, a high starting price…” another says. 

You feel the urge to say something to defend her… or yourself, but you keep your mouth shut. If you spoke, you weren’t sure what punishment you would receive. 

“Ladies, he’s a complete dream come true. Very obedient. I mean, look at how he’s behaving now!” She motions to you, and you straighten up. “Now… who wants him?”

Let the clothed female nude male auction begin!

Numbers are thrown around faster than you can process them, a flurry of names, prices, activities, a short rivalry between three particularly keen women until…

“Sold! To Miss Auburn~” Ares purrs. It’s the older blonde woman; without missing a beat, she steps forward and clips a collar around your neck, and starts walking away, leaving your Mistress and your clothes behind. “See you next week~” Mistress calls. “Behave for her~.”

You are terrified of what situation you got into with this clothed female nude male auction. But you also feel exhilarated as your new Mistress sticks her hand in front of your face, and you kiss the back of it automatically. Maybe… one week away will be okay.

My god~ What a predicament this sub has gotten himself into… I do wonder what is going to happen on his week away with Mistress Auburn. How hard is she going to work him? Maybe she’ll take a page from my forced impregnation blog? Who knows…?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke