Innocent desires turned dark

It had been harmless at first… a fun little endeavor I could embark on. She was cute and harmless, I thought. A few dates here and there, coming over to her house, playing around with her. Delicious and devious, she knew exactly how and where to touch me, what I liked and what I didn’t like… What was I supposed to do? She seemed perfect, my mistress. I came harder around her tongue and fingers and strap-on than I had ever in my life—mind-bending orgasms where I was finally allowed to stop thinking. I became addicted to it. That’s how my ‘perfect’ mistress revealed herself to be a lesbian blackmail mistress.

When she had her mouth on me, everything else in the world seemed to stop, her hands fit perfectly on the back of my smooth thighs, and her mouth was just as greedy as the rest of her, sucking and licking… soothing the heat of my pussy and licking the pressure away until I was putty in her hands. As I was in post-orgasm bliss, she asked what the password for my phone was… she just wanted to look something up. I was resting in her bed, chest heaving, naked under her covers when I told her 2825. She was in the bathroom, and I heard the water running, utterly unaware that I was in the process of creating a lesbian blackmail mistress. 

I wonder how long she had been planning this…

It was always a strike of lightning when she called me. I felt lucky, privileged to be called over to my mistress’s house again. I crave to serve her. Get away from work and become the mindless slut only she could turn me into, so I happily met up with her without overthinking it. How exciting, how could I please her today, and in that get the meaning I so desperately crave. 

She was dressed a little differently than usual; she looked stricter, her hair pulled back tightly, lips pressed firmly together, and she was holding a manila envelope. Seeing her sitting on the couch, I immediately fell to my knees and started kissing up her legs. God, she smelled so good today…

“Stop.” She said, I obeyed, and she passed me the envelope. I opened it. Inside were pictures of all the things we had done together… explicit up-close photos. I had seen her take a few but hadn’t thought much of it. There were even pictures of that time where she gave me, entirely naked, to a group of men and watched them use me for hours. 

The last slip of paper had a number on it, and as my eyes traced it, she read it out loud, making it clear that she had memorized it. 

My husband’s phone number. 

Now, there was no going back…

I look up at her, confused. She had stripped herself of her dress now; all that remained were her thigh highs, gloves, and a long, shiny riding crop. She smacked it down on my shoulder, the sting making me flinch, and she moved forward on the couch, opening her legs. Exposing the part of her I had been thinking about all day.

Unable to think of anything else, I moved in close and accepted it as her leg hooked over my shoulder and pulled me in. My mouth opened, and my tongue peaked out to lick my lesbian blackmail mistress.

“From now on, you belong to me….”

Ares here~ What did you think of my story this time? I gotta say, I find both educational and storytelling blogs really fun. I think I’m good at writing how cruel and cunning a mistress can be, but I ought to be, considering I’m a phonesex mistress myself. If you enjoyed reading this, you may also enjoy my last story blog about the Clothed Female Nude Male kink!

Until next time!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke