Ready to Start Your Sissy Training 101?


Transgender girls are known to be some of the most creative people who walk the earth! I appreciate their submission to the Divine Feminine. Are you hiding your inner femme from the world? Is life’s obligations and other things interfering with you being who you really are deep down? So, you’re a secret sissy? I will start with your assignments in sissy training 101! These assignments and submission are just right to develop my very own fan base of sissy maids. Serving me as your Mistress. My sissies are to honor me and maintain adherence. Always, treat all women with respect due to their superiority over men!

Sharing beauty secrets: how to look, feel and act like a true femme. Next, filling your days with sunshine by wearing women’s panties daily! Get yourself a pair! I have expectations of you being the best sissy you can be and tucking is a very important basic aspect of sissy training. I’m going to give you guidance to be a sensual sissy, with a lust for lace. A smooth sissy is a sexy sissy. In order to obtain a girlish essence, it is essential to shave and commitment to shaving must be met daily.

Feminization Erotica should be studied by every sissy out there. A Lingerie fetish – it’s amazing what some sexy lingerie can do to a sissy’s heart! Remember, beauty begins within and when you finally take one step with a high heeled foot into feminization your beauty will shine through! Your male behaviors must be eradicated. In addition, having your nails and make-up done is a way of showing your feminine side to the world while coming out as a sissy.

Learn and Epitomize the New You with Sissy Training 101!

In sissy training 101 there’s emphasis on demeanor and elegance you will pee sitting down always. Start with make-up and voice training. Study how women walk and practice in heels. Really embrace your feminine side. Get a female name if you don’t already have one! Read fashion magazines and watch chick flicks to reprogram your sexuality. Some movies I would recommend are Heart Breakers, Pretty Woman, Legally Blonde, and Never Been Kissed! Study trans and female porn star idols: my favorites are Rupaul and Kim Petras.

I am a cock hungry perfectionist and will teach you the most important beauty tip so make sure your lips are not smeared with color after you suck a rock hard cock. Study all the different techniques, learn and love to suck a cock, by watching porn and reading my blog deep throat blowjob. There are domestic tasks too! You must learn to cook, searching for a perfect cum recipe. This will make your mouth water and boost your confidence. My sissies should eat he.r man and he.r own cum – learn to enjoy it and get addicted to it!

I will be teaching you all possibilities with online dating, teasing sex talk, and flirting with real men. Grow hope as my sissies look at what can be! Find the sissy slut living inside of you. Stay horny and ready to worship with desire and denial. Remember a ruined orgasm: stay horny and keep going so you can become a pleasure kitten! So, with new sensations through learning your body, instead of just jerking off.

Worship and Respect

With sissy training 101 under wild stars my sissies will reach a place of respect and worship eventually. With merciless sting of the whip and the bite of loves’ bliss as we go over subservience. Your wishes are less important that those of your Mistress. Next, during worship you should seek to glorify your Mistress with her ways of superiority over you. Bowing down and stating that I am your Mistress, the source of your pleasure and that you are my sissy boi in training.

You may need an attitude adjustment and opportunities are given at all levels of feminization. Servitude an attitude to serve. Relishing in the chance to be trained to serve. And nothing is more important than to be of service to me your Mistress. Practicing humility in self reference by referring to yourself in the third person is a good practice in this sissy training 101.

Education and homework of my sissies in training. So, upon completion of your Assignments: write and submit a full and detailed report and please include photographic documentation whenever possible to me. Giving special attention to your feelings as completing the assignment and your interpretation of Jenny’s intent in sissy training 101.

I want my sissies to believe that anything can happen! Don’t dream about it, be about it! However, it is important for all my sissies to keep learning so evaluating other women’s demeanor and essence is key. Therefore my sissies are the highest quality on the market. The boi within you won’t stand a chance with this sissy training 101 as I transform your soul by going deeper into your head. I use positive psychological techniques that will make you feel true peaceful content. You are now 100% mentally a sissy for life.

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