Behind Every Great Man There Is An Even Greater Woman


Isn’t that what everyone tells says. Or something along those lines. My man is lucky to have me. I am devoted to him. I love looking good when we go out and making sure everyone around knows we are in a happy relationship. When I am out with him I only have eyes for him. My boyfriend is the center of my universe, but in order for me to be that committed to him I occasionally need some cheating girlfriend therapy. And last night I had no choice but to quench my thirst for a stranger’s cock.

While at the time I kept noticing a younger college guy stare at me. He wasn’t shy about stalking me either. He followed me around like a little puppy dog all through my workout. Before I finished I approached him. His perseverance had given me a special tingle. And the outline of his big fat college cock had me imagining just how amazing this cheating girlfriend therapy session could be. I leaned in and whispered to him how bad he wanted to fuck me. A bold move but I am not one of these young 20 somethings who want to waste her time. I know what I want. And I want this dick, in this gym right now.

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The college stranger’s name was Fred. Fred was 22 years old and was hung as a horse. Fred and me sneaked into the men’s showers together. Why? Because men don’t go snitching, they just watch. And I love having a cheating girlfriend therapy session be monitored. We practically ripped our clothes off. Fred’s cock was uncut and perfect. The foreskin was tightly wrapped around the head of his dick. And he was THICK! I looked up at him and smiled before I took his dick down my throat.

Fred’s cock was stuffed into my mouth. Though he seemed naive Fred knew exactly what he was doing. He kept his dick as far in as he could into my throat and slid a bit out and then shoved it back in. It was ever so slightly it just kept making me gag and slobber down on my tits. Fred called me a little slut before pulling me up, turning me around and pinning me on the cold shower wall.

My tits were pressed on the wall as he slid his cock from behind. Fred’s cock felt even thicker than it looked. I felt my pussy stretch out and he pounded me hard. Fred pulled my hair back as he occasionally smacked my ass. I was not shy about my cheating girlfriend therapy session. My moans flooded the locker room. Every time I would hear something Fred would pound me slower and would make me to beg him to go faster. But I know there were other men watching. Fred told me sluts like me don’t get bred. So he put me on my knees and came all over my face.

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