Sissy submissive princess day! In last week’s post, I introduced you to our guest poster, Princess – my favorite pretty princess slut. She shared her view of the fun adventures we have when she calls and the tasks she performs at my command.

So much inadequacy…

One task I assigned to Princess was to make a list of all the ways she is inadequate as a man. Shortcomings, if you will… Haha. The sissy submissive princess wanted to share some things from her ever-expanding list of inadequacies with you. For you to get a good idea of all the “little” things (yet another pun intended) that make her such a good little sissy submissive princess.

Let’s start with the obvious – her tiny dick.

Princess has just 4 inches to work with when it’s completely hard. When it’s not hard it shrinks away like a frightened turtle retreating partially into his shell. She loves to talk about how small it is and sometimes tries to sneakily remind me of its lack of length. She also sends me pictures of this little dicklet.

Of course, all of these shameless attempts to focus my attention on something so ultimately disappointing leads to a lot of humiliation. I, of course, thoroughly humiliate her about the lack of size. And no matter how much humiliation I heap on that tiny dicklet, she always wants more.

It’s literally a needle in a haystack!

Despite this, she is very happy when somehow the angle of the picture makes her man clit look a tiny bit bigger. I can assure you, though, that even the best picture makes me question whether it’s actually as long as she claims. She is also very pleased to tell me all about how the girth is a redeeming quality. But I’ve yet to see a picture that shows it as bigger around than her thumb.

I nicknamed this sad little dicklet “Sir Stubbington”. Or sometimes Lil’ Stub. To make things even worse, these pictures also prove that he does no manscaping at all. I can only imagine this leaves her dicklet nearly impossible to locate. It’s literally a needle in a haystack!

Second, no more sissy submissive princess orgasms

Princess needs me to take charge of her orgasms. She’s so inadequate in bed that her wife reluctantly gives in to what must be constant pleas for intercourse only about 4-5 times a year. Between the lack of size, a disdain for personal grooming and the fact that she lasts only about 2-3 minutes (by her probably very generous estimate), I’m sure we can all understand the wife’s reluctance and suffering from the pleas for sex from the sissy submissive Princess.

Princess likes to secretly dress up and to feel pretty

As Princess told you last week, she likes taking assignments from me. One ongoing assignment has been to buy some pretty things just for herself. Things like stockings, panties, bras, sex toys, and makeup. I’m not sure if she thinks that people don’t notice a grown man out in public buying these items. Or if it excites her that strangers know exactly what is going on. Obviously, when you see a man buying panties at Walmart you know that they aren’t likely going to be a romantic present for a girlfriend. So I think it’s the latter.

Princess used to resist my directions in the beginning. In response, I would often hear “I’ll try…” Which is of course completely unacceptable. I made sissy submissive Princess repeat Yoda’s famous quote –  Do. Or do not. There is no try.” This was supposed to be humiliating but I think it was actually kind of fun. Thinking about it now, Judge me by my size, do you?” would have worked as well…

She’s not even masculine enough to want to masturbate on her own

I’m happy to report that Princess has stopped even questioning putting on panties or pantyhose for work and edging when I tell her to. She’s not even masculine enough to want to masturbate on her own – she needs me to tell her when and where! It’s been fun making her masturbate without cumming for several weeks. I’m looking forward to more training for sissy submissive Princess!

Thank you again, Princess!  It’s very brave of you to share all of these things with the world.  

a sissy submissive princess

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