Brand new sissies need sexy lingerie!


I take my new sissy to pick out some sissy lingerie at the local kink sex shop. We have some sissy training while in the dressing room! I want all of my sissies to feel sexy. Especially when they are just starting out! There is nothing more fun than going to a local kink sex shop and trying on some sexy clothes. Every sissy girl needs a wardrobe! It helps gets the cocks hard.

Once we were at the shop the lady working came over to ask if we needed her help. “I’m just helping a new sissy find some clothes that will look great on him. Do you have any suggestions?” I ask her and she leads us to a rack a few feet away. Pulling out some sexy sissy lingerie and holding it up to his body. He is blushing at the attention but I know my sissy is eating it up!

Time to try on those sissy clothes!

I take my sissy to the dressing room and the first outfit he tries on is an emerald green bodysuit teddy. While he is changing I find a willing guy to help me with some sissy pegging exhibition as he changes into his sissy lingerie.  When my sissy comes back out he is looking so sexy! “I’ve found us someone who wants to help break you in for me.”

My sissy struts over to the guy and gets on his knees. The sissy lingerie has given him such confidence! He takes out the cock and starts licking the cock and sucking on the balls. Worshipping the guy’s hard shaft. Taking every inch into his mouth and moaning in pleasure around that thick shaft. As my sissy sucks I get behind him and move over the thong bottom and tease his pussy with my fingers.

This sissy lingerie is getting him fucked!

Replacing my fingers with the head of my cock, I ease into him. My sissy is so tight! I grab hold of his sissy lingerie and start fucking in and out of his pussy. Harder. Faster. Deeper. I claim him for any to see if they walk into the changing room. I love putting on an exhibition show! Making him gag on the cock in his mouth as we fuck. He is loving it though!

Moaning and rocking his hips back to meet me thrust for thrust. My sissy wants to get fucked like a whore in his sissy lingerie. To get used like the little fuck toy he is. So me and the guy both start pounding his holes together. I love seeing him taking us and know he will cum in his lingerie. Creaming himself as the guy cums down his throat. Every sissy needs to get fucked like a dirty whore!

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