Not all sissies are created from the same cloth. Some sissies really only like dressing up like pretty princesses. While others can only think of getting their bussy hopped. Additionally, some have sissy incest fantasies that they are keen to try out. I’m happy to indulge every sissy from the princesses to the sluts. And everything in between! I’ve found just recently that some of my favorite playtimes have become sissy incest fantasies.

Time to Go Shopping

I love lingerie shopping because I spend most of my day in lingerie!  Sissies need encouragement to find what makes them the most feminine, classy, or slutty. So having a good foundation of great lingerie is a perfect place to start when you’re working on your sissy training kit.

My poor little brother got caught in my panties once and I never let him forget it. He’s developed a taste for sissy incest fantasies. To indulge him, I tossed him into the car and took him to Victoria’s Secret. He tried on bras and panties with his sister that same afternoon!

Feeling the Fabrics

I don’t know how you shop, but I shop by ‘feel’ first. If the fabric isn’t soft or silky, it doesn’t belong on my body. Therefore, I told my sissy brother to walk around the store. He felt all of the cool, slippery silks and buttery, soft pajamas. Finally, we got to the bras and panties. He lit up like a kid in a candy store. Pink, red, and black lace bras, panties, and garters filled walls of his dressing room. He stood enamored simply by all of the pretty choices for him to try on. And he didn’t need to try the lingerie on in secret.

Just as he was about to close the drape to try on his first set, I told him to wait. He squinted at me, confused but I smiled and took the curtain from his grip.

“Just one second,” I told him, slipping past the massive erection in his shorts. “I’m going to try some lingerie on with you!”

Sissy Incest Fantasies

He gasped and staggered back, letting me in the small fitting room filled with mirrors. Then I unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down my hips and over the curve of my ass. Glancing over my shoulder, I arched a brow.

“Are you going to get undressed or just watch me?”

Immediately, he tore off his t-shirt and pulled down his shorts, letting his cock spring free. Mesmerized by his sister’s plain, white panties, he couldn’t help but palm his dick.

I giggled and tossed a pair of red panties in his face. Still wide-eyed, he stepped into them. The second he felt the lace sliding up his thighs and hugging his balls, he gasped. They clearly felt nice. As a result, I helped tuck his throbbing cock into the front of the pretty fabric.

Slipping on the same pair, I had him look at both of us in the mirror. As a result of our shopping trip, there we stood, wearing a matching set. He could have cum right there, but I wasn’t done making one of his sissy incest fantasies come true.

Sissification of my Brother

Pulling off my plain bra made him groan. Sliding on the red lace bra, cupping my tits and bouncing them made him gasp.

“See? This is what a push-up bra does. Nice and bouncy. Now try yours on,” I told him.

He eagerly slid the straps up over his shoulders. After that, I hooked the closers on the back for him. Next, I had him stand in front of the mirror. Cupping over the bra, he bounced as I did. When he stepped back from the mirror a second later, he was panting and leaking precum in his sweet sissy panties.

I asked him if he wanted help and he nodded enthusiastically. First, I slipped my hand into his panties. Next, I gripped his cock nice and snug in my fist. Finally, I jerked him off right up against my panties. Meanwhile, he watched my ass in the mirror. After he came, I told him I’d bring him shopping again, but next time I might need to bring the strap-on to play with him in that dressing room!


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