Sissy hypno training is so entertaining and I can’t help but indulge myself in it on the regular. I love giving willing sissy boys instructions on becoming perfect little playthings. Sissy hypno training takes it to a whole other level, however. When beta boys want sissy hypno training, they should know they WILL get addicted to it. Once a bitch boy comes to me for training, there’s no telling what I’ll have her do – and that’s half the fun!

What is Sissy Training?

As you can probably guess, sissy training involves turning a basic beta bitch boy into the submissive little slut he’s always wanted to be. Sissies feel prettiest in pink, lacy panties and who can blame them? Stuff that clit of a dick into the tiniest panties you can find. Then prance around like the pretty thing that you are! While you explore how sassy you feel getting all dolled up, you may feel your sissy pussy needs some attention. That will have to wait because everything is completed in order and under my instruction.

I’ve put some sissies in pantyhose under their everyday clothes so that just we know their naughty secret. They know they’ll have to call regularly to let me hear the snap of nylon against skin. They can’t cheat and take them off! Others know that they’ll need to strip down to nothing but a pretty bow tied around their shrimp dick while they put on lipstick in the mirror. Lipstick is used to remind a sissy of their place. They will be instructed to write things on their skin such as: “I am a cock whore” or “Cum-guzzling sissy bitch.”

Betas do well to begin sessions with anal beads or a butt plug already in place. Dildos of all shapes and sizes are a must for sissies. Sissy boys have to earn the ability to touch anything below the waist. When a sissy boy has been very good though, they may get to graduate to the vibrating butt plug – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Sissy bitch boys have a long way to go before they earn that privilege.

Sissy Hypno Training is Extreme

From our very first session, you’ll become obsessed not just to the sissy way of life but to the training itself. The basic premise is this: when you see a gorgeous woman you won’t get hard and want to fuck them. Through your sissy hypno training, every time you see a hot woman, you’ll think you ARE them. Your little clit will throb and your nipples will get tight. When you see a hard cock in porn, you’ll want to open up your whore mouth and suck that once forbidden dick like the slut you always wanted to be. You’ll look at your clit dick in the mirror and honestly think of scheduling a doctor’s appointment to discuss hormone therapy.

The more sessions you have, the more you’ll crave hearing my voice lulling you into becoming the sissy of your dreams. Trust me: I can break you down to nothing and build you back up into the prettiest, sissiest bitch either of us have ever seen.

I would never do anything to harm you physically or emotionally. But that doesn’t mean I won’t push you to your limits. Like a sissy pussy stretched over a massive cock, you too will have to adjust your perceptions of what you think you can and cannot handle.

Sissy Hypno Questions

Some thoughts to consider before you give yourself over to becoming a cum dump hypno sissy:

  • Are you willing to hold your own cum in your mouth for me while we train?
  • Can you invest in three – 10 minute Deep Throat Training sessions every day?
  • Is your asshole tight and are you willing to make it gaping through dildos, dilators and other toys?
  • Will you be able to complete writing assignments? (Ex. Describe how much you love the taste of cum on your tongue in 300 words.)

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