Sissy Cuckold and I know there are many of you out there.

I love my sissy cuckold bois, they are so willing and love to be degraded. I have a few strap-ons, but, I just got a nice one from the adult store down the road. Have a couple temporary play toys I like to use. I am definitely looking for a permanent one. Someone who will completely obey my every order and fulfill my every desire.

But, this story is about my experience I had with one of my toys. He was slim, tall and had a 3-inch penis when erect. He knew what he was and his place in this world. So he knows that he can’t please a real woman. His job is to take loads of fresh jizz and entertain my guests.

One night I came home with a new toy and one of my black male friends. I made him come over to me and I showed him the toy and introduced him, he is not allowed to speak unless given permission. His eyes lit up not because of my toy, but, because of what he knew was coming next with my friend.

 The toy was out and I was getting excited

I told him to come over to me I told him he was going to watch me suck on a real man, I got my friend erect and with that big black dick. That dick was 10 inches long and about 6 inches around. I told my toy to come over and I kissed him so he tastes that BBC. I told him to pull down his pants and take his panties off. So I was laughing as I compared the two dicks together.

I made him carry me to the bed and I was on my knees. He was to watch how a real man pleases a woman since he never could. I made him retrieve my harness and new dildo. He started rubbing that BBC on my lips and then guided it into my hole. Moaned as he penetrated me. I told my toy he was a loser and he was to come over and watch me get fucked hard.

I put my harness on with the dildo and made my toy suck on it till it was nice and juicy. Then I told him to bend over and spread his cheeks. He has such a nice clean, bare bottom. I inserted into him and he was getting fucked hard like I was. I was grabbing the back of his head and told him he is a good little slut boy. My friend cream pied in my ass and I made my toy come over and lick my ass clean.

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