Nothing beats a true sissy cuckold story.

Lots of men dream of being forced into a sissy cuckold. Few can say they’ve actually lived through one. Or in the case of one of my pet faggot princesses, Debbie: that they’re living through one.

Debbie was one of my earliest feminization phone sex callers. I can still remember the cruel joy I felt the first time I forced her to slap her little clitty for me and scream the truth about herself: that she had a VERY bad case of pussy envy.

Debbie wishes she was a “real girl” almost as much as she wishes for a real man’s cum. The more of a sissy she be-cums, the more cock-crazed she gets! During one of our last calls, Debbie called me with a surprise guest: her femdom friend in real life.

A real-life sissy oh what fun!

Can you imagine how pleased I was to hear Debbie slurp down cum from a real cock while her ladyfriend narrated and let me listen in?

To hold Debbie over in between these real-life cocksucking and creampie slurping sessions, we engage in cum eating phone sex, of course. It’s one thing to hear about how un-endowed a sissy cuckold is, it’s another to see it.

I always forget how hilariously small Debbie’s “dick” is until she sends me another picture.

As you can imagine, the hilarity of it all (or really, lack of “it”) makes it convenient that Debbie loves brutal humiliation phone sex as much as I do. I couldn’t resist writing about her this week as she’s just sent me another absolutely pitiful batch of “glamour shots.”

I asked her which picture she felt proudest of and she said the one featured above.

And what did I do? I laughed, obviously! And then I told her it looked like her little clitty was crying a single tear. Oh, and then I made her eat her cum. Just another day’s work in the life of this phone sex humiliatrix!!