Are you a sissy cuckold that needs training? Only a confident woman can train a pathetic sissy cuckold the correct way. Imagine all the ways I can fuck with your minds, as I hypnotize and push your boundaries beyond your limits. Listening to the way you will whimper and grovel truly makes my panties wet. It doesn’t come to much of a surprise how easy it is to control a sissy cuckold. Ready for me to turn and control you?

Can you imagine being transformed into my personal sissy cuckold?  The evening took an unexpected turn when my ex-boyfriend was introduced to Zack. The break up was still fresh in Scott’s mind and he would do anything to STILL be in my life.  (Wicked LiL Laugh) The things men will do just to get a taste of my pussy.  Even if it is filled with another man’s cum. Yes, Scott was willing to be my sissy cuckold and please my new BBC lover.

As soon as we arrived home, I ordered Scott to strip down. The anticipation was building in his mind, as he watched Zack reveal his 10-inch throbbing black cock. I could see the look of hesitation in Scott’s eyes. It didn’t take much persuasion, as I whispered in his ear “Want a taste of my wet fucked pussy?” His eyes suddenly filled with excitement, as he realized what was going to happen. I pushed his face down between my creamy thighs, as  Zack slipped his throbbing big black cock into my hungry snatch.

Scott’s explored my pussy, as Zack’s cock soon dipped deep into his hungry mouth. “What a good little sissy cuckold!” I said as he attempted to deep throat every inch of the black cock.  I could feel his body quivered with excitement and fear.  He couldn’t resist rubbing the thick black cock against his face. “Open your mouth!” I ordered and I slowly forced the head of Zack’s cock back into his mouth. “Better do a good job, my little sissy cuckold bitch.”  Within minutes Scott’s mouth was filled with his first steamy cum load.

Needless to say, this was NOT Scott’s only Sissy Cuckold adventure…Want more details?

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