Jackson and are best friends. He is my go-to friend for pretty much everything. However, I feel he is hiding something from me lately. So much so that I am going to force his sissy boy truth out of him.

Well, force is maybe the wrong word. Ply it out of him is a better statement. We are going drinking tonight at our favorite watering hole. Of course, it doesn’t take much to get him drunk.

Therefore, I can fill him up with alcohol and get him to tell what he is hiding. I don’t understand why, but I need to know. Once he tells me, I can tell him it is all good with me.

I don’t know if I am expecting a sissy boy truth.

Jackson is smoking hot. Girls and guys go crazy over him. Hell, if we were best friends, I would want to fuck him. However, I would never put our friendship in jeopardy.

I know for a fact his cock is huge and nice. The boy is hung like a horse. The girls he sleeps with always want more but he is happily single. And, that I know of he doesn’t do boys.

We are at the bar and start doing shots of tequila. It is time to pry this sissy boy truth I can drink a shit ton and not be drunk. Jackson is and always has been a lightweight.

That is how I know I can get anything out of him tonight.

As we start drinking, he is becoming that friendly drunk. I love him like this. He is all huggy and lovey. We are laughing, dancing, and having a blast together. This hottie is hitting on me and I dance with him too.

We are on the dance floor and I see Jackson talking to a guy. The guy is super sexy. Their body language is interesting. After our dance, I go back to Jackson and ask about the guy.

He blows it off but now, I am getting more curious and the sissy boy truth. Time for more shots. As the alcohol flows, Jackson starts to open up. Turns out this guy is bisexual and hitting on Jackson.

My best friend looks at me and says, I think I am a sissy boy, Steph.

Of course, I laugh at him thinking he is teasing me. Then, I see he is serious. I look at him and say, “Being attracted to a guy doesn’t make you a sissy boy, Jackson.”

He says, “No, my lingerie collection and cock sucking fantasies do.” Whoa, that is unexpected and shocking. Holy cow, this is awesome!

He is staring at me and I say, “It is really awesome! I love your sissy boy truth and love you, silly! There is nothing wrong with being a panty-boy that is craving cock.”

I tell him I think his sissy boy truth is awesome!

And he is so drunk, he doesn’t know how to react. After some time, his head is clearing a bit and we can talk. I explain I get tons of calls from sissy boys on my phone sex hotline.

I can be his guide and support. He doesn’t have to hide his true self from me. Of course, I will always tease him in fun but I am here for him. About that time, Mr. BiSexual is coming over to us.

I tell Jackson to talk to him and let him know he is curious. They go off to chat and I feel so happy knowing his sissy boy truth. I watch as they start kissing in a corner and my pussy tingles slightly.

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