Sissy Boy Panties

You can tell a lot about a sissy boy by he kind of panties they have on.  Are they red and silky, pink and lacy, or strappy and barely there?  Is he in the mood to play innocent or be a devilish little slut?  Either way, I know how to make him my bitch boy!  Oh, he likes white frillies does he?  Perfect!  My little virgin wont be for much longer.  Bend over , baby, and let you new Mistress take charge!

I see you have on those spicy red panties again tonight.  You know those are my favorite.  Not only did you buy them for yourself, but you even let the sales lady help you out.  You are in a naughty fucking mood and I want to take FULL advantage of your man pussy.  You can’t wait to be bent over and stuffed with my strap-on.  Hell, you even begging for it!

Sissy boy snuck into his daughter’s bedroom and stole her favorite pink cheeky panties!

 Tuck that little clitty back and show me just how sexy you can be.  No sissy boy is complete with a nice hot pink pair of panties.  Get on your knees and worship my cock.  Suck me ad let me fuck your face til your pretty little eyes water!

Someone stole his wife’s lingerie!  Now I know you are in the mood to be used ad abused.  You take sissy boy to a whole new level.  From the lingerie to the heels, you know how to impress your Mistress!   This isn’t your first rodeo either.  You are more than ready to assume the position and take my cock for a wild ride.  You are even ready to lick your mess up like a good little cum slut too.

Oh my!  Those white frilly panties make you feel so sweet and innocent don’t they?  They make you want to twirl around in circles and show off for your Mistress.  You look so pretty and dainty, I almost don’t want to strip you of that innocents, but we both know I will.

Put on your favorite panties and show your Mistress what kind of sissy boy you are!

Sissy Phone Sex!