Sissy boy feminization is so much fun for me!

After Mistress Olivia fully had me under sissy boy feminization, she took me to lunch. She chooses our favorite restaurant. Looking at the smirks and listening to the laughs from the staff as they digested my feminized self was hard to comprehend. But when she sent me to the bathroom and the servers came in and fucked my pussy, I was in heaven.

When we finished, she put me in the car and blindfolded me. After a 20-minute ride, she stopped the car and guided me inside a building. I heard her walk away and talk to someone in hushed tones. I heard the clink of coins and could tell from the click of her high heels that she was walking back to me.

She took my hand. After a minute or two, I heard a squeak as a door opened.  Mistress Olivia pushed me forward and forced me down on my knees. Although I was blindfolded, I knew that she had brought me to a Gloryhole booth. I could tell because my legs were sticking to the floor and the rancid smell of fermenting cum is very distinct. Then, I heard her put coins into the video player. I could not see the video; I just heard moans and fucking sounds.

Mistress Olivia grabbed my hair roughly and pulled me back up to a standing position. 

She whispers in my ear that she loves sissy boy feminization. She pulled off my clothes and then shoved my blindfolded face into a wall with a hole. Before I knew it, a cock was in my mouth. It wasn’t very long, but it was very thick.  So thick that I felt the joints in my jaw start to click from overextension. The owner of that cock just pounded my face.

As he did that, I felt Mistress Olivia’s strap-on push into my ass.  Because of all the cum in my pussy it slid in easily. While she was fucking me, Mr. Fat Cock dumped a massive load in my mouth. He did not knock on the wall first; he just came with no warning. Still, Mistress had trained me well, and I swallowed every drop.

Mr. Fat Cock’s load had barely dropped into my tummy when another cock entered my mouth. He fucked me slower, giving me a chance to trace his veins with my tongue and lick and suck on his nice mushroom-shaped head. I could tell it was a BBC. Men with a BBC have a pleasant smell. When I took his cock down my throat, my nose felt the short, tightly curled hair on his bush. I sucked him for a good five minutes before he pulled out. I was disappointed because I wanted to taste his come.

But something better happened. 

Mistress Olivia told him to come in and fuck me. He walked in, and I heard him undoing his belt buckle. Then I felt a sharp sting as he started whipping my ass. Mistress Olivia must have liked sissy boy feminization because I listened to her strap-on go in and out of her very wet pussy. My ass was getting very warm and very sore as the whipping continued. When it stopped, I tried to breathe, but before I knew it, that very long cock pushed all the way into my ass in one thrust.

As he pounded my ass, I started to feel the stinging whip of the belt again. I could tell that Mistress Olivia was whipping my ass and my back because the owner of the long, massive cock had both hands on my hips.  Finally, I heard him moan and felt him push against my ass with two violent thrusts as he came and came and came. He left, but it was not over. I got spit-roasted for hours. Cum ran out of my pussy like an open faucet.

After several hours, Mistress Olivia took off the blindfold. I left the bookstore with cum still leaking from my pussy and cum stuck to my face, having not read any detailed sex stories.

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