Are you ready to explore sissification training? What does sissification training mean? Sissification or sissy training is a process where submissive men learn to take on traditionally female roles. The submissive, known as a sissy, learn to adopt ultra-feminine behaviors and perform feminine activities under the guidance of his Dominant partner. For this purpose, Sissy training is usually performed as part of a BDSM role-playing scene or BDSM lifestyle.

The next step is getting started with Sissification Training Activities

Being made to wear panties.
Getting locked into a chastity device.
Wearing women’s clothing and lingerie.
Brainwashing and hypnosis.
Tease and denial.
Having to use dildos and butt-plugs.
The list above is just a few of the activities to get the training process started.  What do you think? Do any of those things get your dick tingling and twitching around in your pants? If so, you know what that means! <wicked lil laugh>

All jokes aside, as you can probably imagine sissification can take on all sorts of different forms and fantasy types, ranging from being humiliation-based to the full-blown desire to become a cocksucker. Moreover, everyone is different and it all depends on the guy involved. Mommy Son Domination is also very common.

They can range from non-sexual acts, such as housekeeping or applying makeup (love to make my sissy’s wear pink or red lipstick), to sexual acts such as performing oral sex on a strap-on or being anally penetrated. Ready to experiment with pegging, strap-on, or butt plug activity?

Cross Dressing ( stockings, high heels, panties – to name a few ) also shaving the body are other common elements of sissy training, as they help transform the male body into one that appears more feminine. In some extreme cases, sissies will take pills or undergo surgery to make their bodies more feminine as part of their transformation.

Sissy maid training is a common subset of sissy training. Therefore, during sissy maid training, the submissive generally dons a frilly, skimpy maid’s uniform and performs a range of duties, from household chores to sexual acts. At all times, the maid must behave in a submissive fashion.  Sissy training is a process that occurs slowly over time. It requires a significant commitment and trust from both the Dominant and submissive parties. Conversation or role-playing are great ways to start your adventure.  Are you ready to explore your secret feminine desire?

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