I have a new friend. He is an interesting guy, and I know for a fact he is hiding his inner sissy. So, I am taking it upon myself to perform a sinister sissy boy transformation.

Now, before you go thinking I am just being nice, let me explain. This isn’t for him. Sure, he will be happy when I bring him out of the closet. And, yes, he will love the lingerie.

He will even go wild over the hard cocks I bring him. However, this is for me more than for him. You see, I know he is nowhere near ready to face it, but I will force it out of him.

Then, perform a sinister sissy boy transformation.

Of course, in the end, he will be buried in dick and happy as can be. In the beginning, he will be freaking out and mind fucked for a bit. That is the fun of this for my perverted self.

Okay, there is also the part where I love watching guys getting fucked. I love hanging with my gay neighbors at their wild swinging parties. Those parties are mostly men and shemales.

Trust me, after my sinister sissy boy transformation that will be one of our first stops. Poor William will not know what to think of all those sexy men and shemales in sex piles.

Tonight is the night, and my pussy is tingling with anticipation!

Estimating William’s sizes, I have a small wardrobe of lingerie and pretty sissy boy things for him. I will be making our drinks strong as we hang out. The goal is to get him to open up, to confess his secret cravings for lingerie and cock.

He is right on time. Sitting in my room chatting, I am painting my nails. I tell him I want to paint his too.

This makes him nervous, and I explain we can remove it before he goes home. Sinister sissy boy transformation step one down as he concedes to let me. I choose a pretty blue for him.

He loves how his nails look as the sinister sissy boy transformation begins.

William is starting to feel those drinks, and I know he is ready for my questions. I start with a simple question here and there about sexy guys we hang out with.

He starts commenting on a few of the guys and stops with embarrassment when he realizes what he is doing. Then, I take his hand and say, “I know who you really are and want to help.”

Staring into my eyes, he asks what I know—step two of sinister sissy boy transformation down. I tell him I know he wants to dress in pretty panties and lingerie and play with men.

Then, the color leaves his face as he realizes I do know his secret.

I tell William to relax and let me help him. At this point, he is buzzing from my drinks and starts spilling the beans. He is curious and scared. However, he isn’t sure he is ready.

That is when I bring out the pretty things I have bought him. Staring at them and me, he smiles from ear to ear. I tell him to strip down and try them on.  He does as I ask.

He is prancing around and dancing in the mirror. My sinister sissy boy transformation is moving along nicely. His cock is rock hard in his new pretty panties.

That is when I ask if he wants to feel me fucking him with a vibrator.

I can tell he is nervous, and I give him my word; this is our secret. Telling him to lay on the bed, I grab a smaller vibrator and lube. He is quivering with excitement.

The minute I start rubbing on his ass, he is moaning loudly. Then, as I start sliding it inside him, he cums. Just wait to hear what happens next!

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