Who knew I would be such a silly step sister?

You did not have a clue what you were getting yourself into when your dad married my mom. But the whole marriage came with an extra special gift, which was a silly step sister. I thought you were very hot which is why I wanted my mom to marry your dad. I couldn’t take my eyes off you, and it was making me twitch with excitement. The thought of finally being able to sleep with my step brother is such a fantasy that I always wanted to fulfill. The marriage happened quickly and of course, I was pushing my mom the entire time.

Once the marriage happened, we could not get enough of each other. You were always walking around in our new joint house wearing grey sweatpants and nothing else. The abs of your skin were so fucking hot. That combined with your long hair that you would put in a bun drove me crazy. And I could tell that you loved the look of me. To match you only wearing sweatpants, I made sure to only wear the tiniest band t-shirts with black silky panties around the house.

The look on your face was always priceless.

I knew you wanted to bang me, and I wanted it to happen right now. I wasn’t going to leave anything to chance. So one day instead of you coming home to me in panties, you walked in on me wearing absolutely nothing. Your silly step sister was prancing around the kitchen teasing you. Then, you came up behind me and grab my ass, and it feels so good. The firmness of your nails grabbing me makes me wet. I have wanted to fuck you for so long and I knew it was going to happen tonight.

I feel your lips against my neck, and I push my bare ass up against you. Then you start to push me against the kitchen wall until I can feel my nipples against the wall. They get so hard, and your warm breath feels nice against my neck. Then, I feel you start to bite. I guess my step brother wants to play rough which I don’t have a problem with being a little rag doll. That’s one way to figure out your step brother isn’t a pitiful sissy boy. So, I let you sink your teeth into my neck until it definitely leaves a bruise. A bruise in the perfect area of your mouth. I can’t wait until our parents see your work up close.

You put your arm underneath my stomach and arch my back until my ass is sticking out.

You pull your hard cock out of your jeans and start to line it up with my cunt. I was ready for it. And I push back on your cock until it is deep inside of me. I can feel it throbbing hard, and it feels so good to be able to cum all over you. You are going to be the best step brother forever, and I can’t wait to play again…maybe we can add another member into our playdates soon.

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