You used to love the weekend, but now you loathe it since your wife knows you are a pitiful sissy boy.

She comes through the door stumbling home way past three in the morning. You hear her enter while you are laying in bed awake, cock in hand in the guest bedroom downstairs. Giggle sounds fill the house and you quickly realize that your wife is not alone. A man’s voice quickly fills the house just as her giggles did. He has a loud booming voice. You think to yourself how masculine it sounds. It sounds quite better than whatever your pitiful sissy boy body can produce. You start breathing quickly because you don’t want to give any sign that you are still eagerly awake.

But you knew this was coming. You knew that your wife would swing the door open into your house with another man…just as she has done over and over again. It was your place as the pitiful sissy boy to do nothing at all. Your wife loved you, and she was nice to you most of the time. But your little cock could never make her cum. On your wedding night, you tried and tried again to make the woman you fell in love with cum but that sweet orgasm never came. You tried everything but nothing worked. She was nice about it, but after two years of having to make herself cum, you both knew it was time to make a dramatic change.

So, that is what started this whole way of events.

First, it was just one naughty marriage affair, but then she started bringing home more guys. At first, it was just a normal threesome, but once she realized that you didn’t bring anything to the table, she quickly started hooking up with guys on her own. She would bring them home and made you sleep in the guest bedroom before she even went out for the night. She knew exactly what a pitiful sissy boy she married.

Now, you find yourself hearing her on her knees with something quite large in her mouth right outside your door. This hot bull couldn’t even make it upstairs to fuck your wife in your marriage bed. This is not a one-minute thing like it was way back when you and your wife were still fucking. This man would take hours with your wife, even all night to make sure both of their urges and lust for each other are fully satisfied. The gagging increased now, and you had to start touching your cock for the fear of cumming. She just gave you one rule which is no cumming unless she is with you.

The problem was that she was never with you anymore.

She much prefers to hang out with her many boyfriends than a pitiful sissy boy like you. Suddenly, a loud boom hits the back of your door and you hear loud moaning. He is thrusting deep inside of your wife while you are laying in bed with your little cock in agony. You are not the one fucking her because you cannot satisfy her. Just when you are thinking about that your wife cries out and you can hear her whole body erupting with a big orgasm. You spend the rest of the night laying in bed knowing that you could never make your wife cum again.

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