Read this naughty marriage affair story (by one of my favorite people) if you ever wanted to know how I made a married man fall in love with my pussy and mind.

My marriage is going on forty years.  We married young, raised kids, and for the last ten years, we have coexisted in a relationship devoid of sex, but I have never had a typical naughty marriage affair.  I used business travel throughout our relationship to find sexual outlets, including “erotic” massages, adult theatres, and strip clubs. While I came a lot during those excursions, I missed something very deeply, a loving human touch.

I usually avoid things like a steamy sex affair because they can be messy and explosive. So, I wasn’t looking for one when Olivia walked up to the table at a quirky bookstore where I do a lot of writing.  She walked up, plopped down, and sat across from me.  I was deep in my work when I heard her butt hit the chair. Startled, I jumped. Before I saw her face, I smelled her fresh peachy scent. Then I saw the rest of her, a short, delicate blonde beauty. She wore a cute polka-dot sundress, her hair in a light, casual curl, and her dimpled smile took my breath away.

I could tell instantly she was complicated and could see her intelligence breaking through those piercing eyes. I went back to writing, but she started talking, asking what I was working on, and prying in all sorts of ways that should have annoyed me (not lead me to a naughty marriage affair). Yet, I found myself talking to her for hours while I watched her catalog every inch of my body.

Late in the day, she asked me to come home with her.

I don’t know why, but I said yes. I wasn’t thinking about sex initially because I was in a minor trance, still processing everything. Once we went through her doorway, she pulled me close and kissed my neck. Then, she pulled off my t-shirt and started to bite my nipples. When I shuddered, she knew; she knew that I liked the biting. She bit harder and scraped my other nipple with her fingernails. The teasing pain made my cock stiffen.

I have a big, thick, veiny cock. The veiny monster made a prominent profile as it pushed against my joggers. She slid down to her knees and started to bite it through the fabric. When she began to pull it out, I stopped her. I wanted to deny myself that kind of pleasure and instead please her. This definitely was not the naughty marriage affair that was on my mind, if there was one!

I brought her to her feet and lifted her.

When her legs were resting on my shoulders and wrapped around my neck, I leaned forward and brought my face to her bare pussy. It looks like a flower – snapdragon, to be exact! Her clit was visible and her little lips puffed out and inviting. I pressed my tongue on her clit just long enough to send a jolt of electricity through her body.

Then I put my tongue to work, pushing those puffy lips apart. I sucked on Olivia’s inner and outer lips until they were slick and wet. The pheromones from her pussy had a slight musky smell that telegraphed arousal. I pressed my tongue inside of her, and as I did, she grabbed my head and pulled me forward. I could tell she had been fucked earlier in the day because she had a lot of sticky white cum inside that juicy hole.  When she saw how much I enjoyed her cum-filled pussy, she started to grind harder and harder on my face.  She was literally masturbating on my face while I tongue fucked her.

Finally, she let out a series of loud moans, and her hip bucked forwards. As they did, she began to spray my face with cum of all sorts. She must have liked our first encounter because she invited me to her bedroom to taste her ass.

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