I love sibling sex stories!

Sibling sex stories are so hot. I think the more taboo a story is, the hotter it tends to be and really, what’s more, taboo than siblings?

Reading sibling sex stories always gets me really hot. I was reading one the other day that got my pussy so wet.

It started off in the sister’s bedroom. She had her boyfriend over and she was sucking his cock. Unbeknownst to her, her brother was hiding in the closet. He was stroking his cock as he watched his sister suck on her boyfriend’s.

She stood up and did a strip tease for her boyfriend. Dancing, she pulled off her top, showing off her sexy red bra. Then she pulled off her skirt and bent over, letting him see her hot red thong.

She got back on the bed and started sucking his cock again. Her brother, still in the closet, was getting so worked up that he couldn’t stay in any longer. He opened the closet door quietly so they wouldn’t hear him. Her boyfriend had his eyes closed and she was a little busy, so he walked up behind her, his cock in his hand.

He pulled her panties to the side and shoved his big cock inside her. She cried out in shock. When she saw it was her brother, she stopped yelling and smiling. Aren’t incest sex stories the best?

“I knew you were in there, brother. You just thought you were being sneaky.”

She pressed back onto her brother’s cock to get it deep in her pussy. As she sucked her boyfriend’s cock, she realized she was full of cock on both ends, that had never happened before. She really wanted them both to cum in her at the same time.

As she sucked, she pushed back on her brother, trying to get him close, too. Her boyfriend was right on the edge, so she slowed it down and began to tease him. She told her brother to grab her hips and really pound her pussy.

There we go, any second now, she was going to be filled with her brother’s cum. She kept stroking and sucking her boyfriend until-yes! They were both cumming! Her mouth was full of her boyfriend’s hot load and her boyfriend came deep in her pussy. She knew this would not be the last time the three of them got together!

You know you want more sibling sex stories!

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