The best sex stories are short and to the point!

My friend Mark always gives me the best sex stories. He isn’t really my friend with benefits because we really don’t talk enough to be friends, but there isn’t really a better term for him!

Anyway, Mark texted me this morning, his standard “Hey u” text, and I was feeling really horny because it had been so long since I had seen him. I told him he should come over and I hopped in the shower. A girl has to make sure her pussy is fresh and clean, after all.

Mark got to my house about fifteen minutes later. I had put on a tight grey dress with nothing underneath. He does love when I’m not wearing much, we do both know why he’s there, don’t we?

We walked into my room and he bent me over the bed. Feeling my ass, he said, “I can really tell you’ve been working out, Brett.”

I smiled and replied, “I’ve really been hitting my squats, I know how much you like my ass.”

Smack my ass, Mark!

He pulled my skirt up and smacked me on my butt. His hand slid down between my cheeks and found my wet pussy.

“Someone’s already wet, huh?” he asked without needing an answer. “Why don’t you say hello to your old friend?”

He took off his pants and grabbed my hair, pulling me toward his big black cock. I grabbed onto it with one hand and guided it to my mouth, he was already almost hard, he was looking forward to this as much as I was. Using two hands, I stroked his cock and sucked it, spit dripping everywhere. He loves a good, sloppy blowjob.

When I almost couldn’t take it anymore, he pushed me back onto the bed and shoved that big, hard cock into me.  He fucked me hard, making me cum on his big dick, then he wanted me in doggy style and he fucked me until we both came that time.

He sat on the edge of the bed, “That was so good, I need a second to recover.”

“No worries,” I said, smiling. It wasn’t the first time my pussy had left a man light-headed.

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