Sibling Sex Stories are hard to confess to, but… I’d been in Puerto Rico for years and hadn’t seen my sister Raquel for a long time.  We’d never really gotten along, but recently I’d had an urge to see her.  So, I flew into D.C. and called one of her besties.  Sarah told me that Raquel had been seeing a great guy and was living with him there.

D.C. isn’t a big place and Brown Street proved easy enough to find.  I stepped from the limo in a short, tight sequin number with a dip in the back to my ummm crack…lol.  HE answered wearing nothing but a towel around his waist and I sauntered in.  Feeling his eyes roving down my back and to my legs which make me a tall drink of water, I turned to smile at him over my shoulder and saw his dick standing straight out under the towel.

After a quick exchange and him telling me Raquel was out with friends, I made a move on him.  What? He was fine as wine and I was thirsty!  How long did it take me to kiss him?  Seconds, I’d guess, but, I wasn’t counting minutes, I was counting on his dick plunging into my tight pussy just the way I needed it.  And I wasn’t thinking about my sister either!  She shouldn’t ever leave a specimen like him alone at home!

Moreover, guilt wasn’t something I felt concerning her.  But, her loss was to be my great gain since she’d been with him for a few years and hadn’t yet given him a child.  I was about to fix that!

Sibling Sex Stories are now my favorite thing to talk about, especially since I was going to give him everything he’d been waiting for with her!

All he wanted was a hot wife and beautiful babies, but she was too busy on her social circuit.  Not so much with me.  I was making him the center of my universe…me and our babies.  Want to hear more of my Free Sex Stories? Let’s have some Taboo Phone Sex fun and YOU can knock me up!  Or, I can relate the tales of the hot sex we had that night on the sofa in his family room.  Or, about how we KNEW she was there watching us fuck in ways SHE”D NEVER FUCKED HIM.  She cried silently watching ME give him my ALL. SOmething she had NEVER given him, by the way.

But, she was NOT honored to watch me marry her man!  Stay tuned for the continuation of this Sibling Rivalry!


sibling sex stories