Cheating sex stories get me through the humdrum days of Christmas.  So, you can IMAGINE my chagrin when this Christmas a most delish Big Black Cock showed up as my Santa!  Now, how can I turn that away?  But, Black Sex is something on a whole other plane.  I yanked Santa inside and made his wishes cum true!

First, I took his beautiful wand from those red velvet pants and like the naughty elf I am, then I set about my work.  My fingers coursed the lines of his body; then, ending with my fingernails digging into his flesh like a delectable bite!

The taste of Santa’s warm skin and sweet pre-cum made me tingle like a child on Christmas Eve!  His peppermint cane was more like a Giant Yule Log as it flowed down my throat.  I gobbled every drop that sprung forth and ran his slick cum across my pearly whites as he watched.  Furthermore, his smile showed that I have the ability to keep him hard all day and night!

Additionally, I don’t think this Santa has EVER had a knob-polishing like the one I gave him!  In light of the fact that his sweet, little wifey is a prude who can’t open up and give in to lust; he needs a side-piece like me!  I have ZERO issues with that.  Did I forget to mention that this particular Santa…is the hubby’s best friend?”  Whoops, my bad!

Hit me up on my Phone Sex Line.  Hear about my cheating sex stories and the freaky shit I’d do…right in front of you!  As you know, Big Black Cock is a fave of mine.  So, let me take you on a journey so clear, you’ll feel like you’re here with me! But, careful not to get splashed! Giggle


Cheating Sex Stories