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Sibling Sex Stories: The other night my husband and I  heard some faint moaning, they seemed to be coming from our youngest daughters bedroom. She should have been asleep, but we crept down the hall and I quietly opened her door a crack and were shocked to see our 16-year-old daughter with her face between her legs licking her pussy. The noises we heard were faint moans of pleasure as she was getting her cunt licked. I looked at my husband and he was just fixated on what we were watching. They hadn’t heard or seen us yet and we decided not to disturb them. We just stood there and watched.

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I could feel my husband’s cock growing erect and pressing into the small of my back. Our youngest was grabbing her sister by the hair and pulling her face deeper into her pussy. Our oldest daughter was sucking on her sister’s pussy lips and we could hear the smacking and sucking sounds. The heavy breathing noises and moans of delight were getting louder. She opened her sister’s pussy lips exposing her hard little clit and went right for it, her tongue flickering across it, as our youngest writhed underneath her.

Our youngest came and cried out, and we made a beeline back to our bedroom so we wouldn’t be discovered. My husband was horny as fuck and hard, I was dripping wet, the whole thing was so hot. We were so turned on we fucked our brains out for hours. Picturing our sexy young blonde girls playing together.  My husband loves to talk to me about this as we have sex.

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