Brother Sister Sex Story: He was breathing hard and his hand was pumping so fast

Brother Sister Sex Story: When I was growing up, I started to masturbate at a young age. One time I thought I was alone and my brother that was a year older than me walked in. I was shocked and tried to cover up what I was doing. He said not to worry, that it was normal and he did it too. He said mom and dad weren’t going to be home for a bit, so why don’t we do it together? I was a bit hesitant, and could not believe how turned on I was! He took out his cock and started to stroke it right there in front of me. I had heard about Family Sex Stories but I never imagined I would be having one of my own!

I pulled down the covers and spread my legs and exposed my pussy for the first time to a boy, my very own brother! He came right over close and was watching me touch myself as he rubbed his hard throbbing cock in his hand. I swear I got wetter having him watch me than me doing it alone! It was just much more exciting! I’d never seen a cock before, and it was so hard! I could see the little drops of pre-cum on the head of it, and then he’d smooth it around all over his cock.

He watched my fingertips caress my clit and go up and down and then make little circles around it. I would spread my wetness around after dipping them into my pussy. He was breathing hard and his hand was pumping so fast up and down his cock and I saw his balls tighten up and all of a sudden he shot his load on my tummy! All his cum was all over me, his thick, white, creamy load, all over his sister’s belly. I then came and my legs quivered a little bit and he was watching it so close up, it was really hot! This was the start of a very close brother-sister kinky relationship.

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